LakBayan: PANAGBENGA Float Parade!

Panagbenga would not be complete without the Float Parade that is compared to the Rose festival in Pasadena California. And just seeing the floats makes you feel that it is. With the cold weather and ample sunshine, its the perfect day to have a parade filled with music, dance and tons and tons of different flowers.

The floats represents a company that commissioned the construction and design of each float. And like the previous years ( though its my first time to see them live), there is the float by the city government of Baguio, and also known brands like Jollibee, Samsung, Coca Cola, Dunkin' dougnuts etc. There are also new floats this year like TV5 with their first float for the Panagbenga festival.

Also great sights to see are the celebrities that joined in the festivities like Enciong Dee (Convergys Baguio), Sam Milby (Samsung), AJ Perez (Coca Cola), Empoy (TV5) and many more. Aside from that many would also feast their eyes on the lovely majorettes and toll policewomen and even Guys in bahag dancing with spears and gongs. 

Unfortunately, we have to leave in the middle of the parade because it we need to be on our way to our Manaoag sidetrip and to reach Manila in time for it will be another work week. This outing again was part of our annual outing of high school friends and plan to have another one soon. Baguio was really worth going to especially Panagbenga season. Even though there is traffic and some pollution, the experience is very worthwhile and make us want to go back.

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