LAKBAYAN: Panagbenga Street Parade 2011!

Like I promised, aside from having a good time with my friends here at Baguio City, I also find myself blogging about the Panagbenga Festival. Its my first time to see the festival and very excited what will be the experience of joining the parade and festivities filled with colorful and fragrant flowers plus the cold temperature of Baguio.
Though it might have been years since I visited the city, I used to go here when my family lived in La Union. And development has come a long way for the City of Pines. Though there is always the problem of traffic, pollution, etc. 

The aim of this festivities is to boost the tourism industry of the city which still remains the main industry of the city. And so far it has been very successful. And now its on its 16th year, it boast of a more grander and happier for the whole family.  This is also the time where the flowers are in full bloom and also one of things that made Baguio known to the country.

A normal parade would just take an hour or two, but because of the participating schools, it keeps on getting bigger each year. On my location situated on a flyover, the human traffic was so immense due to the number of spectators on the overpass. And with you of course are also the other media people and other photographers who got near the dancers and take shots on them up close. It is also amazing to see a lot of people for the festival as if Baguio streets  is filled with only people.

 strawberry taho is love!

I also got to try new things like the strawberry taho, strawberry fields  and a lot more. The day was really jam-packed and I am now sleepy doing this blog but very willing to share this since there will be another activity tomorrow as I go back to Manila. Its really obvious that I really enjoyed Baguio today despite the heavy traffic because of the influx of the tourists on all the parks and places in Baguio. Now I have to sleep and prepare for the final day of my stay here, and I hope for another set of exciting new adventures here at the country's summer capital.

next up is the float parade that happens on the next day... stay tuned!

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