What makes me super excited about the weekends? :-D

Weekends are the days that I'm most excited and it shows in my facebook that I always post weekly happenings with my high school friends (we call ourselves four one exclusive).  Yes, high school friends, which means it almost a decade that we have known each other. Most of us are already finished school yet all of us are working now. It has been a ritual of us to meet every weekend, and we always go to a lot of places, a different yet very fun bonding experience every week. It does take the stress away from the whole week of working. 

Our group is interesting since there is diversity in personalities and gender. Just for fun, we also incorporate Bekimon languange (gay lingo) into some of the words during the discussions. We will always find a reason to meet, either there would be birthdays, anniversaries, baptisms, funerals (of relatives) and even our own Christmas party!

We are very coordinated with all our night outs, it starts with a text brigade that sometimes reaches fifty messages in just a span of 3 hours! Good thing we are registered with unlitxt to we can update each other non stop. I also got into the texting ritual which seems like a chatroom just to decide where to go or what to do. 

Anything goes with what we would do on that day, we could either have food trips, discuss our experiences and plans that made us realize its already late in the evening! Time sure flies when you are enjoying with your friends. With these meeting we were also to come up with a surprize celebration for our high school teacher last December.  And now, we are also arranging our  vacation in Baguio this February!

With this we were also able to share our problem to each other and also do the best that we can to help. Having this kind of friendship strengthens our bonds and also makes us enjoy life more. Even if its Monday again, we we always look forward for another weekend and another night of fun and laughs.
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