Being Loud would be negative to a lot of people specifically when it pertains to sound. But being loud in terms of personality makes one very expressive and unique. I admit that I am a loud person with the kinds of expression thatI do t get my voice heard. Being artistic, I feel that I feel caged when not practicing my art.  You can notice ha in my works especially in graphic arts. I also love photography which when combined with editing makes a louder impact that my peers would notice. Getting the message accross is also the reason to be more louder for the people to hear.

I also do cosplaying, writing, and other forms of art that I always try to discover. And all of these things keeps me active and matains my LOUD personality. 

Like me, tommy hilfiger also launched its new line of scents which is LOUD. simple as it looks but contains an expressive scent that no one can resist.
Live LOUD!

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