Ardy Abello Challenges You To Aim High!

We all have dreams and we we do what we can to reach them. We all have potentials, but sometimes it remains a potential. The power in each one has so much that  we can do as people of talent and influence. That is why we all need someone to give us all motivatiion! 

We need people like Arby Abello, one of the top-ranked motivational speaker, a hi-impact trainer and a Director of Business Works. In 2012, Salt and Light Ventures and Asian Center for Trainers and Speakers (ACTS) awarded him as the “Highest Rated Speaker” for In-house Seminars. Ardy Abello surpassed over 40 speakers and trainers in that category

We met him at an intimate media conference where we had lunch as well as a short but interesting talk  about ourselves. How we see ourselves and how we are as natural leaders. He conducted a short exercise to see for ourselves what kind of "animal" we are in terms of leadership. Upon answering the form, I found out that I am a Lion, strong and confontative. Though it may not be my obvious trait, but certain situations does lead me to bring out the Lion in me to invoke change and movement with people. If you want to know yours, you can attend one of his seminars.

Ardy Abello does have a way with words and how to engage in interaction with small and big crowds. Despite being sleepy after the graveyard shift, I find the talk to be empowering and is exactly what I need as I go through  contemplation about my career and my future.

Who is Ardy Abelo?

For over a decade now, he has been involved in training, consulting and in recent years, coaching executives and the top management teams of different companies belonging to the Top 100 corporations and multinationals in the Philippines. Ardy Abello has keynoted in corporate sales rallies, conventions and conferences on various topics such as Leadership, Team Work, Top Performance, Work-Life Balance and many more. 

He was a speaker at the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) World Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. He was the only Filipino among 50 speakers to be invited to speak in this prestigious event participated in by over 6,000 of the top life insurance agents worldwide. Ardy Abello is a member of the American Society for Training and Development, an international organization involved in the holistic development of individuals and teams for top performance. He is currently the Main Speaker and Lead Facilitator for the workshop entitled, “Developing The Leader Within You” through INSP!RE Leadership Consultancy. He is the author, designer and lead consultant of Performance and Leadership workshops such as Aim High, Heart of Leadership, Mindset of a Champ, Coaching for Breakthrough Performance and many more engaging topics.

He is also an alternate host of the show Magbago Tayo, a radio show simultaneously aired on TV inspiring change for the better. The program airs every Saturday from 8 to 10 a.m. and can be viewed live on AksyonTV and heard as well on 92.3 NewsFM.

Ardy Abello is an entrepreneur by heart having been involved in many businesses over the years. His most recent business venture is a restaurant and bar called, “RED Kitchen+Bar” which he co-owns together with a few partners.

As a Social Entrepreneur, his training and consulting work extends beyond the borders of the corporate world and into the local government units, education, foundations, NGO’s, associations, fellows in the religious sector and much more.

Busy as he is, Work-Life Balance is not an elusive way of life. In fact, the highest position he holds is Chief Empowering Officer (CEO) of the Abello Team, reporting directly to his wife and together they empower their 5 great children!

Contact Details:
Facebook: aimhighmanila 
Facebook: Ardy S. Abello 
Twitter @ArdyAbello 
Instagram @asabello

Here’s an updated list of Ardy Abello’s upcoming talks:
April 1 - AIM HIGH for Globe Telecoms
April 7 - SERVICE EXCELLENCE for Star Cruises in Singapore
April 8 - HEART OF LEADERSHIP for Star Cruises in Singapore
April 9 - HEART OF LEADERSHIP in Dagupan
April 14 to 15 - DEVELOPING THE LEADER WITHIN YOU at Edsa Shangri-La Hotel
May 15 - SERVICE EXCELLENCE for Star Cruises in Hong Kong
May 16 - HEART OF LEADERSHIP for Star Cruises in Hong Kong

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