New Wattpad Presents Stories This Summer!

TV5 warmly welcomes the summer season by launching the new batch of stories to be featured on WATTPAD PRESENTS Season 2, making viewers’ hearts grow fonder as they get to know the characters and kilig stories from four more Wattpad hits. 

Since WATTPAD PRESENTS was launched last September 2014, TV5 has successfully created a new trend that broke the traditional drama offering on daily primetime TV. WATTPAD PRESENTS gave life to some of the most well-loved Wattpad characters who further endeared themselves to the viewers every night. Kapatid viewers have seen how TV5 artists and talents from the other networks have collaborated for the much-requested TV adaptations of some of the most popular Wattpad novels. Through WATTPAD PRESENTS, viewers have also grown to love the characters of Sitti and Kaizer in “My Tag Boyfriend”, Nialla and Jeffrey in “Dyepni”, Ekang and Alden in “Almost a Cinderella Story”, Alyssa and Van in “My Fiance Since Birth”, and Chelsea and her “Kamahalan Kyle” in “Mr. Popular Meets Miss Nobody”, to name a few.

This month, the Happy Network is proud to unveil four new stories that will definitely make “summer loving” more kilig and fun. Wattpad followers will be delighted to know that the TV adaptation of author ckaichen’s  hit Wattpad novel is now coming to TV5 via WATTPAD PRESENTS “Heartbreaker”. Featuring Carl Guevarra and popular YouTube video blogger Donnalyn Bartolome, this interesting plot paints the story of how one girl’s plan for sweet vengeance takes a wrong turn and backfires on her, making her fall in love all over again. A fictional website called “4hartbreakrdotcom” is a special website that helps those people who are having trouble with matters of the heart. Summer (Donnalyn), who is currently mending a broken heart, will do everything just to get back at her former boyfriend Jason (Joseph Loyzaga) even if it means ordering “someone” who can help her via the mentioned website. Doubtful that some help will be sent her way, Summer gets the surprise of her life when a very good looking and fine young man named Dustin (Carl Guevarra) appears before her. Will she become successful in using Dustin to get back at Jason or will she just end up really falling in love with her “ordered assistance”? Find out if Summer will ever get her heart fixed on WATTPAD PRESENTS “Heartbreaker” starting this March 16.

For the week of March 23, hearts will definitely swoon as Mister International 2014 title holder Neil Perez ventures into his first TV5 appearance as he teams up with Isabelle de Leon on WATTPAD PRESENTS “My Ex, My Professor”. Originally written by Maevelanne with over 1.5 million reads and 22.8k votes on Wattpad, this tells the story of how a past love can haunt you unexpectedly. Hannah’s (Isabelle) happy bubble gets popped as she returns to school when she finds out that the newest “hottie” math professor in their campus is her ex-boyfriend, Mr. Viel Anueva (Neil), the same guy she left without any word or closure. How can she possibly run away from her past if it is already catching up with her during her daily Math class with her professor Viel? Is Hannah ready to face the reality that she is still in love with Viel or will she just have to stick with her new love in the persona of her loyal boyfriend Lloyd (The Amazing Race Philippines victor, Matt Edwards). Catch Neil and Isabelle as they give life to the characters of Mr. Viel and Hannah on WATTPAD PRESENTS “My Ex, My Professor”.

Meanwhile, WATTPAD PRESENTS will be ushering the month of April by depicting how far a person can go in pursuing one’s happiness when it comes to love. TV5 delivers the TV adaptation of one of the mostfollowed stories written by blue_maiden, now with 1.1 million reads and 17.2k votes on Wattpad, in WATTPAD PRESENTS “Lady in Disguise”. For the first time, Steven Silva teams up with Eula Caballero to give life to the characters of Kyle and Mika/Miko, respectively. Fresh from her breakup, Mika comes up with the perfect plan to win back the heart of Marco (Brett Jackson), the guy who suddenly left her, even if it means she has to enrol herself in an “all boy school” and pretend to be a guy named “Miko”. Just as Mika thinks that she has actually gotten away with her plan, her roommate Kyle (Steven), accidentally discovers her secret. Mika is forced to confess to Kyle that she is doing it all in order to win back Marco. Kyle decides to help Mika with her plan but soon finds himself falling in love with her. For Kyle, loving Mika is not hard, but what makes things more complicated more than the fact that Mika is still chasing Marco, is the mere fact that Kyle has already a girlfriend chosen by his parents. Will Kyle and Mika ever end up with the ones they love or are they just bound to guise and mask their true feelings for each other? Find out on WATTPAD PRESENTS “Lady in Disguise” starting April 6.

Making this batch of Wattpad stories more special is the return of the sought-after love team of Mark Neumann and Shaira Mae in a special WATTPAD PRESENTS episode which is shot mostly in Hong Kong Disneyland. Entitled “The Magic in You”, this special WATTPAD PRESENTS episode tells the story of Princess (Shaira Mae) who, like every girl, grew up with a certain fondness for Disney characters. Like Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella and Mulan, she too believes in the magic of love that comes to all the princesses. As if the universe granted her heart’s desire, Princess finally got her wish when she gets to fly to the happiest place on earth, Hong Kong Disneyland, believing that her boyfriend will be proposing to her in the most romantic way in this magical land. Unfortunately though, all her heart gets crushed the moment she finds out that her boyfriend is actually breaking up with her in the middle of the festive Hong Kong Disneyland parade. To add insult to injury, the most miserable and devastating scenario in her life was captured and posted on YouTube by a boy named Basti (Mark), who recorded her breakdown and made her an overnight online sensation. Vowing to catch the culprit who made this “Parade Crybaby” video, Princess occasionally returns to Hong Kong Disneyland where she eventually meets Basti. Find out how Princess and Basti will find their happily ever after in the magical place of Hong Kong Disneyland.  WATTPAD PRESENTS “The Magic in You” airs on April 13.

Experience the magic of love and be ready to be inspired as TV5 airs all these kilig stories to welcome the summer season and make it more memorable. Discover why these Wattpad stories, published through LIB Creatives Publishing, have successfully created their solid following. WATTPAD PRESENTS airs Monday to Friday at 9pm, only on TV5.

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