REEL DEAL: Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons Lends Voice In Dreamworks Animation's "HOME"

Five-time Emmy winner Jim Parsons, also widely known as Sheldon from the hit television sitcom “The Big Bang Theory” stars as the voice of a purple alien called Oh, in the delightful and colourful family film, “Home,” from DreamWorks Animation.

Oh’s race, the Boov are looking for a new home. They invade Earth, take over the planet and dispatch all the humans to a far-flung community. But Oh, who is quite different from the other Boov, makes a big mistake that could lead to an intergalactic catastrophe. Hiding out from the rest of his species, led by the weak and vain Captain Smek (Steve Martin), Oh encounters Tip (Rihanna), the last human girl on Earth. She has avoided capture but is separated from her mother Lucy (Jennifer Lopez). Both are on the run, team up and embark on a thrilling road trip … in a bright red flying car!

“Home” takes Oh, Tip – and the audience – on a worldwide journey, from the United States to France to China, and finally to Australia. It’s an epic expedition encompassing millions of Boovian spaceships, and technology that switches off gravity across the entire planet.  An enormous Gorg mothership also lends impressive scale. “The goal from the start was to make HOME a big global adventure,” says director Tim Johnson.

“Tip is hostile toward Oh, but as they embark on a global journey, they realize they have more and more in common,” adds Jim Parsons, who voices Oh.  “You never know where, and with whom, you’re going to find friendship,” continues the Emmy® winning star of the long-running series The Big Bang.  “Making lasting friendships with people – or visitors from afar – who couldn’t be more different from you, and with whom you’d never expect to connect, is not only possible, it’s necessary.”

Oh and Tip are an intergalactic odd couple of friends.  “They’re from two very different worlds and couldn’t be less alike,” says global music star and seven-time Grammy® winner Rihanna, who voices Tip.  “But they slowly discover common ground and become amazing friends.”

“The Boov are unilateral,” Parsons adds.  “They’re all of one mind.  Initially, Oh believes in that philosophy and he’s really enthusiastic about being the best Boov he can be.  But unlike the rest of them, Oh wants to have a good time.”

Parsons makes his animated feature debut in “Home.”  The classically trained actor embraced the challenges of working in the genre.  “It’s the most interesting ‘playtime’ I’ve ever had as an actor,” he explains.  “It feels like you’re going down a mysterious but joyful black hole, where you’re alone with the character.  Once you relax, it’s really fun to see what happens.  I never left the recording studio without being a sweaty mess!”

“Home” (2D and 3D)opens in cinemas this March 26 nationwide from DreamWorks Animation and 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros. 

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