HOOQ Hangouts Presents SEKLUSYON Premiere Night

Upcoming MMFF entry "Seklusyon" by Erik Matti is one of the most awaited films for the season. And with Reality Entertainment's partnership with HOOQ for the upcoming On The Job The Series, they came together for the exclusive premiere night with HOOQ.

The movie stars Ronnie Alonte Neil Ryan Sese, Lou Veloso, Rhed Bustamante, Phoebe Walker, Elora Espano, Dominique Roque, John Vic De Guzman and JR Versales. Set in the 1940s, the movie follows a young deacon (Alonte) who hides from the devil in a sacred sanctuary seven days before he is ordained as a priest.

The film is something refreshing for the producers as they have a mix of new and veteran actors and they also had its first premiere at the recent Macau Film Festival. Horror is one of the expertise of Erik Matti as he have participated many times for the MMFF. This is also a new for HOOQ Hangouts who usually have outdoor viewing of movies and shows at the Globe Iconic Store. 

HOOQ has always been involved with the Metro Manila Film Festival for some years now and also brought some of short films and animations to their listings for viewing. They also partnered with Globe Telecom for bundles that come with their postpaid plans.

“We started HOOQ HANGOUTS a few months ago to provide a forum to showcase the vast library of HOOQ, particularly our local content which spans almost five decades. That is why we are ending the year with this HOOQ HANGOUTS featuring an exclusive screening of Seklusyon, produced by Reality Entertainment, which incidentally is also our partner in creating OTJ: The Series,” says Jane Cruz-Walker, HOOQ Philippines Country Manager.

With the new age of the MMFF came with a new set of entries that will redefine the biggest Movie Festival in the country, it looks like that there will be indeed more things ahead for Realty Entertainment, Erik Matti, and HOOQ.

Will share a review soon of Seklusyon here on Manual To Lyf!

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