Teach Kids the Hapee Benefits of Brushing Regularly

We all know that children—like adults—should brush their teeth regularly to keep their pearly whites clean, but did you know that brushing has a slew of other benefits for your little one—and for you, as well? 

First, when kids have the habit of brushing after each meal, it means substantial savings for you. This is because regular care of teeth and gums prevents future oral problems, which in turn spares mom and dad from the costs of dental treatments. 

Daily brushing also inhibits the growth of bacteria in kids’ mouths, giving them fresh breath at all times. 

Having healthy teeth likewise ensures a stronger immune system for children because this enables them to eat more, chew better, and absorb more nutrients from the food they eat. 

Then, too, regular brushing helps protect your little one from gingivitis, a gum disease that is caused by plaque build-up around the teeth and manifests in swollen, bleeding gums and teeth. 

Regular brushing can also help boost children’s self-esteem since healthy teeth and fresh breath give them more confidence in dealing with other people. On the other hand, decayed teeth and foul breath can trigger social anxiety issues in young kids.

Most important, nurturing the habit of regular brushing early on allows kids to have a healthy and clean mouth as they grow older, which actually reduces the risks for acquiring heart disease, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, lung infection, kidney problems, and even cancer.

With such benefits of regular brushing made clear to parents, they must now choose a toothpaste that is best for their kids: Hapee Kiddie, which has a fluoride level of 1,000 ppm—the recommended amount of fluoride for children’s toothpaste. 

With Hapee Kiddie, young children will likewise have fun choosing from seven exciting flavors—cookies and cream ahoy, bubblegum pop, orange squeeze, tutti-frutti twist, strawberry bloom, juicy grapes and apple crunch.

So teach your kids the Hapee brushing habit at an early age, and see its benefits in the years to come. 

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