IL Terrazzo Reborn With More Colors and Personality!

Il Terazzo has been a monument in the Tomas Morato area. Whether you love to dine, shop, and even take care of your health, there is a store that caters to all who are nearby. We can actually define it as a mall with the amenities it provides.

Roughly translated as "The Terrace" it is 
 located at Tomas Morato Ave. cor. Sct. Madririan, and it does live up to its name as a very big terrace with a wide view of Tomas Morato as it is also near the Boy Scout routunda. And everyone knows where Il Terrazzo when asked. However it recently had a transformation as a new management steps in and brings upgrades to the site.

The transformation was led and organized by the Property Manager, Ms. Michelle Pe together with her marketing partner, Mr. Anton Magpantay 'from ArtisteSpace Inc. The event was successful in revealing the newfangled look of IL Terrazzo as well as introducing its current management. 

The transformation of the lifestyle center was inspired by the Memphis Art—an art movement which dominated the 1980's era. It was the management's bold move which makes the IL Terrazzo unique and interesting. Now filled with bright colors and designs that are pleasing to the eyes, IL Terrazzo has now taking more attention from the public. The Memphis-inspired designs evident to the mall's spaces bring new appeal which provides a hip, chic, and fresh look that are "instagramable" as with today's generation or the Millennial's would call. 

The program started with an impressive performance from G-Force. It was followed by a welcome remark from Ms. Michelle Pe. Amazing changes and exciting plans for next year were brought up in the event. Various speakers from Quezon City government shared their thoughts and insights as well Guests were all amazed and thrilled to experience the new things that amazing Ii Terrazzo has to offer. All throughout the event, social media posts flooded with #AmazinglLTerrazzo. 

After all the exciting plans of II Terrazzo that energized all the guests, Mr. Benedicto Pe Lim. the man behind ll Terrazzo and the Chairman and President of White Marketing and Development Corporation gave his inspiring and great words. Everyone admired him with his hard-work and success. Mr. Benedicto Pe Lim also led the toast for the fruitful future of the establishment. 

The program included the mark of celebrating a joyful season as they light up the grand Christmas Centerpiece by saying a magic spell "Amazing Merry Christmas". Bright lights and confetti intensified the celebration which brought a carnival feeling. Then, G-Force presented another entertaining performance which kept the high spirits alive. 

The program concluded with adorable medley performances by the Psalm of David Harmonic Orchestra Inc. The orchestra has touched the hearts of many as they performed Christmas carols. The love reverberated within H Terrazzo mall, together with lights and music the true meaning of a wonderful, merry, and joyful Christmas was felt throughout the night. 

Il Terrazzo may have changed into a more pastel feel, it brings a new charm and comfortable feel to the building. With some stores redesigned and more opening soon, the options of experiences just got bigger.  I'm interested what will be added soon as there are more spaces being made for more stores and a potential to expand to more customers in the Timog area. So if you are in Tomas Morato, don't forget to make a stop at IL Terrazzo!

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