Find Araneta Center’s best deals with Piip

Piip, the go-to mobile application for the best location-based promos and deals, officially launched its partnership with the Araneta Center at the annual tree-lighting ceremony recently held at the Times Square Food Park along Time Square Avenue, Araneta Center, Quezon City.

Launched in the Philippines last February, Piip is a mobile application that grants users access to a wide variety of product discounts and recommendations at the Piip of a button. Adding to the app’s algorithm for unique deal selection, Piip’s location-based feature helps shoppers find the nearest store where the products and services they need are available and even made more affordable. Piip also enables users of the app to directly contact their merchant of choice via its in-app messenger, making it easy for both to communicate and transact.

“We at Piip are committed to giving consumers the best promos and deals to help them with their shopping even after the holiday season is over. Our partnership with the Araneta Center is the prime opportunity for merchants to bring their businesses into the digital platform,” said Narciso Reyes, Spokesperson for Piip.

This partnership with Piip provides Araneta Center and its wide portfolio of merchants an opportunity to offer new tech platform as they venture deeper into the digital space. With more shoppers going in and out of malls, including the Araneta Center, Piip is the perfect channel for merchants to fully showcase their promos especially now that consumers are always online. Not only that, merchants also have an opportunity to curate personalized deals when they transact with consumers using Piip’s messaging feature.

“Araneta Center has always been on the lookout for opportunities where we can drive more visibility for our merchants. With the rapid growth of technology coupled with a young and vibrant customer base, we believe that Piip provides an avenue to bring the retail experience within our development further into the digital future and that this collaboration will help us better engage with our patrons,” said John Castelo, Senior Vice President.

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