Inigo Pascual Sings Official PH Version of "Remember Me" from Disney-Pixar's "Coco"

Fast-rising star and chart-topping recording artist Inigo Pascual will sing and appear in the music video of “Remember Me,” the lead song from Disney-Pixar's new animated feature “Coco.”
Inigo will perform the song live for the first time in a special show at the Venice Piazza Grand Canal Mall on Wednesday, November 15 at 4 PM. The public is invited to watch. Admission is free.

Meanwhile, the music video of Inigo's cover version will be launched on ​Friday​, November 1​7 at 12 noon​ in VEVO and will premiere on TV exclusively at Channel V on ​Satur​day, November ​18​.

The Philippines's localized music video aims to deliver the inspirational and positive message of “Coco” -- that family is forever and we must keep alive the memories of our loved ones.

“I am honored to sing this song because it is about family and remembering the people we love,” says Inigo. “It reminds us to appreciate the love and sacrifice that our families had to make in order for us to arrive where we are.”

This local adaptation aims to dream, create and celebrate the most magical stories and adventures, each woven around a relatable, empowered local talent who delights everyone and especially inspires young minds to realize their full potential.

“Remember Me” was composed by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, the Oscar®-winning team behind Walt Disney Animation Studios’ 2013 feature “Frozen.” In the film, “Remember Me” is the signature song for beloved performer Ernesto de la Cruz, and is heard multiple times throughout the movie.

“The song is from the point of view of a person hoping to be remembered by a loved one,” said Anderson-Lopez. “But the lyric can be interpreted a few different ways depending on the tempo and tone of the music.”

Disney-Pixar’s “Coco” opens in Philippine cinemas on November 22. Walt Disney Animation Studios's “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure,” an all-new featurette, will play in front of “Coco.”

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