REEL DEAL: Satan's Slaves REVIEW

Asian horror is back and it's Indonesia's time to showcase their story of death, mystery and the ocult. This year, they have launched the successful Satan's Slaves (Pengabdi Setan) in theaters September. It is now known as the higest grossing Indonesian horror film of all time. The reason is beacuse it has great elements of a horror film. It was very effective in bringing out the fear with the cinematography and perfect thrill timing.

The film has great WTF moments, and I could say one of the best horror films of the year. It was quite punishing for me not to give in to the jumpscares, and I want to watch it again.

An 80's remake of the same title managed to make a big hit in Indonesia. It got great reviews in Indonesia and Malaysia and continues to spread to other countries. Being part of the same Asian region, the story and characters seems familiar to Filipino horror films yet it is more refined, aesthetically thrilling and has some elements familiar which establishes relations to its viewers.

Satan's Slaves (Pengabdi Setan) stars Tara Basro, Bront Palarae, Muhammad Adhiyat, Endi Arfian, Nasar Annuz, Dimas Aditya Edy Fedly, Ayu Laksmi, and directed by Joko Anwar. Showing in cinemas December 6, 2017 and distributed by Rafaella Films International.

Deliberation time kids! 

Show summary in 3 lines: Menatutkan dan mendebarkan!

Technical Effects: 4 out of 5 stars (The effects were very good except the scary make up )

Plot: 4 out of 5 stars (Some subtle homage to big horror flicks)

Acting and Actors: 5 out of 5 stars (All played very well yet the best still goes to Rini - Tara Basro)

Pros:  Cinematography, timing, effects, horror elements

Cons: Some undisclosed details which leads to confusion, some horror cliches 

Music and Soundtracks:  5 out for 5 stars (Disturbing yet effective eerie scoring and ) 

Overall: Rating 4.3 out of 5 stars  (Best asian horror flick of the year)

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