What Doctors Do According to The Good Doctor and The Resident

Medical dramas are a dime a dozen on American television and networks will keep on making them until the end of time. Why? Because medical dramas are compelling! Hospitals are bubbling cauldrons of love, tragedy, triumphs, and catastrophe. And who wouldn’t want to watch good looking doctors in action, fighting passionately to save a patient’s life?

You can stream the new season of two hit medical dramas on FOX+: The Good Doctor — whose debut season was the most-watched show on TV in the U.S.— and The Resident, a gritty look at the underbelly of hospital bureaucracy with probably the hottest doctor on TV right now. Then there’s New Amsterdam, an exciting addition to the FOX+ medical drama roster which just premiered. 

But before we dive into the new episodes of medical drama, let’s recap on what we learned about what doctors actually do, based on first seasons of The Good Doctor and The Resident.

They can create makeshift medical instruments from everyday tools. 

In the The Good Doctor, Dr. Shaun Murphy saves a boy’s life at the airport with a tube box cutter, a piece of tubing from a soda machine, and a couple of bottles of whiskey. While in The Resident, Dr. Conrad Hawkins fashioned a make-shift stethoscope with a funnel, tubing, and a balloon to diagnose an old patient who fainted in front of him while giving a career talk at a local high school.

They always find themselves in the middle of emergency situations. 

Again, the drama! From saving a boy who had a sign fall on him as soon as Dr. Murphy lands at the airport, to tending to a drunk man with a paralyzed liver who stumbles after a bike race like Dr. Hawkins. 

Residents contradict their bosses all the time. 

This practically happens in every episode of The Resident, just watch how Dr. Hawkins butts heads with his boss Dr. Bell. 

They order tests for their patients a lot. And they don’t discuss the medical bills that accumulate with all those tests. 

Unless you’re a patient at Chastain Park Memorial, where the drama of The Resident is set. There, everything is about the bottom line, apparently. 
They have sex in the on-call rooms. 

This seems to be medical drama staple (real doctors say that this is highly unprofessional). 
They deal with personal and professional drama on a daily basis.
Because what is a medical drama without the drama?

Stream new episodes and all of season 1 of The Good Doctor and The Resident on FOX+. New users can now download FOX+ from the App Store and Google Play store for a free 30-Day trial.

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