Olympian Michael Martinez Is Back And Buff!

Philippines' Winter Olympian Michael Martinez comes back home to pursue new heights in his career. Though he might have put his skates aside, his passion for the sport still continues. His presence was quite quiet in the past few years as he stayed in the US and even got a day job.

His online presence is still followed by fans and was very surprised with his transformation from a lean teenager now buffed up as he also grew in size and even got the Olympic rings tattooed on his chest. Now 21, he said that his comeback here in the Philippines will also mean meeting brands and partners which will open old and new partnerships for him.

Though he was quite disappointed when he failed to qualify for the recent Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, he will continue to work to make the Olympic dream come true. He shared that made a successful quad axel jump which was considered an impossible feat for competitive figure skating.

The only bad news from him (for ladies and beks) is that he is now in a relationship which he met in the states. They have been a couple for a year now. This somehow shows that beyond the skates and the ice, he is still a guy who lives a normal life along with his extraordinary talent.

With his physique now, we might see him more modeling for brands, probably also take a shot in showbiz with acting or even singing. He is in his prime now where opportunities are  within his reach, but of course he would not forget his skating roots and prowess.

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