#LoveShots: Coffee Lover's Club - Same Difference.

Another day in the shop, the reliable perk up place - The Coffee Lover's Club, give life and love to all who enter its caffeinated doors. Whatever drink you prefer, the overall experience makes everything better even the worst days.

The shop was filled with customers that afternoon. It was the day before the finals of many students, a midweek report day for the employees, and a siesta moment for the Titas and Titos who were just done with their shopping.

Despite the aroma, some are still quite in a bad mood since they don’t have any seats available as the majority has been filled up by students who just bought a single frappe, while hogging all the tables with their books, notes, pencils, and highlighters. Some claim to be from the college of law, while some are from either dentistry or medicine.

“One large cup of Cinnamon Latte for Kim” the barista shouted as he lowered the drink to the receiving counter.

In just a few seconds two hands appeared to get the cup, but they stopped just inches away when the two looked at each other in confusion.

“Sorry, I think this is my drink. You also got Cinnamon Latte?” the guy named Kim asked.

“Uhm… yes, this is what I’ve ordered. You are also Kim?” said the girl who giggled a little if his name is really Kim. 

“Yes. Kim, like the North Korean Leader” he joked. But he looked more like a corporate guy with glasses and messy hair. 

She suddenly burst into laughter, “Very funny… hahaha!” then she looked at the barista who also laughed at the remark. She is very casual with an oversized jacket with a hoodie and shorts, and a large bag.
“Ay… sorry Ma’am… Sir…  wait … you have the same drink... and you’re both named Kim… maybe this is destiny!” the barista made an effort to joke as well and giggles. Then he proceeds to give the similar drink to the table. The line behind them also laughed with the predicament. Both were quite embarrassed but they needed to get their order.

“Go ahead take the first one, sorry I quite rushed because I thought it was mine.” the male Kim said.

“OK… Kim.... thanks” the girl Kim replied as she got the first cup.

He quickly got the other cup but realized he didn't have a table to sit.

“Hey Mr. Kim, come join me, I have an extra seat.” she offered as she quickly got to her saved seat where another bag was placed.

“Cool, thanks. But please just call me Kim, It feels too formal” he replied as he followed her to the spot where she removed her other bag.

She quickly whipped out a sketchbook and her handheld gaming console altogether. She seems to multitask to continue her saved game while working on a drawing she is making.

“So you’re an artist?” he said while adjusting to the seat he is given.

“Pretending to be one I think” she said while also bringing out his other art materials.

“I’m actually a graphic artist,” he said.

“Really?! Wait! We have the same name, order, and now we are both artists?” she was quite shocked but quickly focused back to her game. “Hmmm is it really destiny?”

He stood quiet, he does not know what to say about the chances.

Then she stopped on her game, then she looked at him sharply.

“Of course you know me so well, Kim Anthony Zamora.” she revealed.

He was shocked, he froze a few seconds before being able to reply to her. “H--how did you know my name?”

She smiled knowing he had fallen into her trap. 

“I know you have been stalking me for quite some time now,” she puts down her console to continue her speech, “I find out that you were the one who gave me those anonymous gifts. Yes, they are sweet but you did not reveal yourself.”

“But I was too shy back then,” A little bit shaken by the truths being bombed to him, he continues to explain, “I...I really liked you and I was happy just to see you from afar and loving the gifts I made.”

“The truth is … I really liked it… I do,” she toned down her voice and tuned back to him, “Sorry, I kinda scared you. Well I’m also good at stalking as well. I learned about you because of my friends and yours who told me how you wanted to know me. And of course there is social media, where I saw all your cheesy posts.”

They both sighed and laughed. Who knew that this serendipity moment could be planned and it turned out well. 

“OK, let’s finally break the wall and promise never to stalk each other again” she proposed.

“Yes, again I’m sorry it might have been creepy but I did a lot of stupid things like this” he confessed.

“Apology accepted, don’t worry I also did the same for you with this set up, so I guess I’m more creepier... Hahaha!”

“Thank you…” wiping a tear of his eyes as relief of the tension. “Can… we start over?”  he asked.

“Of course, ahem… Hi I’m Kim… Kimberly Mahinay”

“Kim… Kim Anthony Zamora… I also love Cinnamon Latte”

“Well I really am a mocha person, but I guess I like it now too.”

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