Working Out With Mega Barkada Ambassador Melissa Gohing

I did promise to myself that it is time to get serious with my weight loss this year, and so far there was some progress. Thought not as vast as many people would expect, when did give out compliments that I shed some weight is already an indicator that I must be doing something good. Now the challenge is to continue this one into more activities that will push me further to reach my goals much faster.

And when I heard that there will be an event with Mega Tuna regarding fitness, I'd definitely went on and joined in the fun, as they also include their Mega Barkada Ambassador Melissa Gohing.

Known as a promoter of fitness and wellness, Melissa Gohing was introduced as their advocate to promote healthy living through diet and exercise. She devised a special workout session that helps to shed pounds gained through the holiday season.

Kicking off the campaign was a #SarapNgTUNAy workout held last January 29 with volleyball player, fitness enthusiast, and influencer Melissa Gohing, who shared how she stays fit and healthy with a #SarapNgTUNAy meal built around Mega Tuna, the tuna that’s made from 100% pure and with no extenders. After the talk, Melissa demonstrated a fun workout routine guaranteed to work well even for those who are time-challenged.

“Mega Tuna really had been my best companion in 2018 to reach not only my fitness goals also but overall wellness. With my daily schedule being so busy, it gets hard to prepare meals for myself, so I’m really thankful that Mega Tuna gives me the means to eat healthy while I live my life fully,” expressed Melissa Gohing.

To add to the action, personal trainer Cherry Daang also taught a pop dance fitness workout for the participants. The workout was held at Hype 24/7 Fitness, a luxury fitness center along Congressional Avenue in Quezon City. It is the first wellness center in the country to revolutionize the gym experience using an app on one’s smartphone to track one’s progress.

With the objective of advocating a healthier lifestyle, Mega Tuna builds relationships and partners with brands such as Hype 24/7 Fitness, that share the same vision as them. They want to be able to foster a community that upholds the belief that fitness should go beyond aesthetics and instead go hand in hand with wellness.

“The #SarapNgTUNAy na workout with Melissa Gohing showcases Mega Tuna’s commitment to helping Filipinos achieve their wellness goals through exercise and a healthy diet. Mega Tuna is a great workout meal that makes it possible to achieve a healthy lifestyle with ease. Made from 100% pure tuna, without extenders, it is delicious and packed with all the important nutrients that will nicely complement a fitness routine, allowing everyone to enjoy good health and good food,” said Adelle Catalla, Mega Tuna’s Brand Manager. 

Discover how you can stay true to your new year’s resolutions and stay fit and healthy this year with MegaTuna’s line of premium products. Mega Tuna comes in four delicious variants, making four fun meals that will make it much easier to attain your wellness goals in the new year and beyond.

Mega Tuna is another high-quality brand of Mega Global Corporation. Get more information and updates on Mega Tuna by following its Facebook and Instagram pages. You can also join the conversation with Mega Tuna by using the hashtags #SarapNgTUNAy and

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