Beautywise Fabulously Celebrates Its Second Year

It is amazing for companies that has surpassed expectations in their first few years, yet Beautywise has surpassed that with a celebration of their achievements and also their year-end thanksgiving party held at Okada Manila.. This makrs their 2nd year anniversary for Beautywise and the 1st year for Moppa Cosmetics.

The brands are fairly new to the market which made their success with direct selling all over the country. Reaching to places from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, building a network of sellers and customers in provinces that became loyal customers and partners in building the brand. 

The celebration at Okada Manila was the company's way of celebrating their top achievers for the year that even came from the provinces. Awards and prizes were given to the top sellers of their beauty line up.

They were also treated with raffle prizes and surprise performances from the top artists of the country such as Yuki Sakamoto from Bidaman, Joseph Bitangcol, Daniel Mastunaga and Morissette.

Beautywise and Moppa Cosmetics are made under the JNJ Corporation lef by its CEO Josephine Tapulgo. Beautywise offers beauty products such as soaps, cleansers, and beauty sets that cater to different skin needs.

Some of their set are the Rejuvenating, Anti-Melasma, and RejuvLite. Moppa Cosmetics meanwhile offers make up products made for Filipina women. These products are distributed and marketed with the help of social media which helped spread awareness of the brand and customer connection.

Despite being new in the beauty industry, it has yet to reach more potential customers and partners as to try the brands and even compete with the large scale brands and expand their products that will cater to the skin care of Filipinos.

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