Keeping crazy out of Christmas with GCash

Traffic is worse than ever before. Hailing a taxi ride is grueling. The malls are now teeming with harried shoppers. The lines everywhere are getting slower and longer. You wonder, how can we ever cut the crazy out of Christmas and have a calm and stress-free holiday instead?

It sure helps a lot to plan ahead, find alternatives and prepare early to avoid getting entangled in the holiday chaos.

In two weeks, there are five bank holidays, excluding weekends. So, people probably have started trooping to banks this early to complete big financial transactions before banks close down to give way to the festivities. If the thought of beating the monstrous Metro Manila traffic and enduring the long lines in banks just to finish bank errands before the long holiday break makes you cringe, going digital is the way.

GCash, the country’s leading mobile wallet, is open 24/7 unlike the traditional banks. It puts everyday banking tasks and transactions at your fingertips—like settling credit card and utility bills, sending money and transferring funds to the biggest banks in the country—even on holidays.

The mobile app is highly accessible because it has over 40 bank partners where you can send or transfer money without fees. These include Bank of the Philippine Islands, Banco de Oro, Metrobank, PS Bank, LandBank, Security Bank, UnionBank, Philippine National Bank, RCBC, Philippine Veterans Bank and East West Bank.

The app’s reliable money sending features are a welcome respite from the holiday madness that have extended to banks. Because GCash can be accessed anytime and anywhere fast and securely, you don’t need to make a mad dash to the bank along with the rest before the long holiday break to make major transactions.

Accessing and transferring money from one bank account to another can be done without leaving the comforts of your home or even when you’re faraway on a trip.

All you have to do is link up all your bank savings accounts and debit cards to your GCash app by keying in pertinent card information. Once these steps are done, you can actually chill and put up your feet as you do your bank errands during the holidays and have a calm, merry Christmas. 

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