TVS Motors Launches New Dazz and XL100 Motorcycles

There is a new player in the motorcycle market in the Philippines, and they will make many people excited as they introduce their model which are insanely more affordable compared to big brands out there. TVS Motor originated in India and is now one of the  largest manufacturers of motorcycles in Asia.

Introducing new two models for the Filipino riders, they aim to reach diverse customers which can use the motorcycles for personal or business use. They released the new TVS Dazz Prime and XL100 Premium  at the launch event at the  Batangas Racing Circuit.

The Dazz Prime is the latest model with a sleeker look with a new embossed-type emblem, sharks fin design, and color variations in stylish white and red, daring black and red, or attractive gray and red. Dazz was the first to incorporate a mobile charging port in its scooter and has maintained it to allow the rider to charge mobile phone on the road. The new Dazz Prime also comes in a powerful engine with 8.34 horsepower at its maximum and can store 5.3 liters of fuel, giving the rider a powerful and stylish ride. In addition, tubeless tires are now in every Dazz Prime. No more worries about flat tires. The new upgrades give it a more expensive look that every smart rider would want.

The TVS Dazz Pime comes in two colors, black and red. With engine warranty of 3 years / 30,000 kms.

XL100 Premium meanwhile is a single speed automatic that comes with a new mobile charging port, sync brake that allows the rider to stop faster when carrying heavy loads, and now an ES with an i-Touch technology that gives it a noiseless starting. XL100 Premium is available in army green, metallic black, and vulcan red colors. XL100 Premium comes with warranty of 1 year / 12000kms. The  TVS XL100 Premium is available in army green color.

More good news for customers is that they are also getting a welcome kit that includes spare parts, useful pamphlets which contains info where you can get assistance from 300 service outlets in the Philippines. TVS Motors can also be bought from Lazada which includes free shipping. 

You can also hype up your ride by decorating them with decals that comes in various designs and color palette. There is also an option to personalize decal designs which give creative freedom to customize their TVS units.

TVS Philippines is currently one of the largest manufacturers of two- and three-wheeled vehicles in Asia which entered the Philippine market in 2016. Aside from excellent customer service, the company also boasts of its innovative designs, easy-to-handle, and environment-friendly products.

The TVS Dazz Prime is now available for only Php 59,990, and the TVS XL100 comes in two variants, the regular is Php P31,990, while the XL100 Premium 36,990.

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