CDO Foodsphere makes Globe Cloud its top digital solution

CDO Foodsphere Inc., one of the largest food enterprises in the Philippines, commended Globe Business for its role in the successful migration of the company’s warehouse management system from on-premise to the cloud.

Globe Business, together with  Amazon Web Services (AWS), conducted a Proof of Concept (POC) with CDO Foodsphere. This allowed the latter to test and experience AWS functionalities before fully migrating applications that monitor the company’s inventory.

Satisfied with the results of the POC, CDO Foodsphere decided to migrate its workloads to the Cloud. Since then, there has been no application downtime attributed to the service.  In addition, the business was able to reduce the time to resolve system incident reports from 150 days to merely a day. The company also saw a significant improvement in the performance and stability of the system amid the pandemic—a stark contrast from what CDO Foodsphere's IT and Operations teams had experienced in the previous years.

“Our on-premise legacy system had become too tedious to maintain. We had been experiencing unexpected downtimes—with restoration taking longer than expected,” mentioned Ria Vidal, Assistant Vice President for CDO Foodsphere Inc. “A few days or even hours of downtime would have had a significant impact on the business. It was a good thing Globe came in to help us migrate our workloads to the Cloud, just before the pandemic otherwise it would have been more difficult to restore on-ground applications. ”

"Aging hardware, performance issues, and scalability concerns are among the common challenges that our customers face when dealing with applications developed in-house or stored on-premise," shared Peter Maquera, Senior Vice President for Globe Business. "Add the complexities brought about by the pandemic—fixing systems on-ground becomes even more problematic. We’re glad that the success of CDO Foodsphere’s migration paved the way for other cloud migrations such as Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). We look forward to seeing one of the country’s leading household brands grow into a fully cloud-powered business.”

CDO Foodsphere understands the role that the Cloud plays in strengthening its resiliency and allowing it to achieve continuous product development, technological advancement, organizational efficiency, and excellent customer support. As a service to families and communities, CDO Foodsphere continues to lead and expand in order to provide products that are present in every Filipino home.

Empowering Philippine enterprises to remain resilient in disruptive times is Globe Business' priority.  It will continues to work with large corporations such as CDO Foodsphere to help them become a cloud-first company. Globe also collaborates with leading platform providers such as AWS and Cascadeo—Premier AWS Consulting Partner and Managed Services Provider, to support businesses as they scale and navigate their cloud transformation journey.

Gain a competitive advantage through improved business operations powered by Globe Cloud Solutions. To learn more, arrange a consultation with your Globe Business Account Manager today. You may also visit our website to find out how we can help you grow your enterprise with the Cloud.

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