From Groceries to Entertainment - Puregold launches online channel

Despite the challenging times today, there are still a lot of things that we can see as an opportunity despite the pandemic. This actually let ourselves discover new things, try out new hobbies, and sometime connect to more people better that we did before. As we continue to live with the new normal, we can try something unusual yet very useful and effective with the things that is trending and innovating in the world right now.

Puregold recognizes this hopeful spirit as it continues to look after every Filipino's welfare amidst these uncertain times. As online consumption grows brought about by the "stay home" lifestyle, Puregold has contemplated venturing in this space to further reach out to its public. But this time, it sets out beyond being a retailer as we know it to be and explores the world of bringing entertainment to Filipinos.

Enter the Puregold Channel. A groundbreaking move to further expand Puregold’s digital footprint and engage shoppers. With the rise of video content and live streaming, Puregold shall use Facebook and Youtube to house its own program offerings aimed at bringing entertainment that caters to a wide variety of interests. It will also provide opportunities for branded messaging and segments, sale offers, and ultimately an instant link to frictionless transactions. Viewers will be hooked and engaged with content recurring in a weekly time slot - from a cooking show, to a comedy show to a full-on game show.

A lot of individuals have recently tried their hand at cooking. Online instruction videos notwithstanding, The Puregold Channel introduces "Luto Mo, Negosyo Mo, Panalo!" as a unique way of presenting culinary lessons. Hosted by TV Personality Arra San Agustin, the show features easy-to-follow recipes. Done in a casual and light manner, even the "non-experts" should be able to relate and stay on track. What's more, a part of the program will be about how to get into the entrepreneurship side of food preparation, indeed a growing trend these days.

It has been said that "laughter is the best medicine". In these times, surely a lot of us would agree. The Puregold Channel sees the value in looking at the lighter side of life and so another program will serve just the thing. Called "The Ha Ha Hour", this comedy-themed show will feature the sought-after brand of humor of popular lounge comic Alex Calleja. Those who have seen his performances both live and online will surely attest to a potentially riotous time.

And of course, who doesn't want to win prizes? To make it more exciting, how about being an actual game show contestant right at your own home? Game shows might be a dime a dozen, but not when you have Luis Manzano as host. The promisingly fun "Playtime Panalo" is all that. Online subscribers will have the chance to be chosen as home partners and live out their game show contestant dreams and play for exciting prizes. Joining Luis are equally entertaining co-hosts—their hilarious banter alone will surely knock the socks off of even non-contestants!

Search for The Puregold Channel shows on Facebook and YouTube and explore entertainment as brought to you by someone who's always been around to help you be, panalo at life.

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