Make the Clear Upgrade at Home: The Pre- and Post-Workout Routine You Shouldn’t Be Skipping

Getting an intense power workout into your daily routine helps keep your mind focused and your body in shape. Dedicating at least 30 minutes every day to your physical well-being allows you to recharge and leaves you feeling reenergized. Whether you clock in several hours doing lifts, core and cardio or just squeeze in a few light sets in between meetings, making a Clear Upgrade to your daily training can help you get as much energy and endorphins from it as you can. Incorporating slight adjustments to yield the maximum results for your mind and body, like adding a pre- and post-workout routine, can help you feel cleaner and fresher after every session.

While you may miss your regular gym sweat sesh, there are a few things you could do as you upgrade your workout from home. Here are some tips to help you still get the best results:


Set your routine to get in the zone

Planning out how you’re going to exercise for the day will help you make the most out of your sacred workout time. Choose which part or parts of your body to focus your energy on and maybe even set a goal for a personal achievement or record to break. Doing too much and pushing yourself too hard can lead you to feel extra tired. List down the types of sets and how many reps you’ll be doing, so you still feel refreshed after your workout.

Create the ultimate workout playlist

Setting the right soundtrack to your workout can help motivate you and give you that boost of energy you need to complete your routine. Add songs with intense beats or empowering lyrics to pump you up, especially when it’s time to get in those extra reps of burpees or lifts. Choose other more calming tunes to go with your stretching and cool down session at the end of the routine.

Upgrade your home gym

As much as you should dedicate space to your new home office, you should also have a separate area for your new home gym. Test it before your workout to see if you can do full-range movements, and make sure to keep all your breakables at a safe distance. If you’re working with a limited area, look up alternative routines online for effective routines that don’t demand too much space. 


Stretch out your tired muscles

As important as it is to warm up before doing the most intense parts of your workout, cooling down is also essential to end your routine. Proper stretching of the muscles you focused on for the day can improve blood circulation and help them heal quickly. You’ll also thank yourself the next day, as your muscles will be less sore and you will feel just as energized to do your next workout.

Refuel your body with hydration or a healthy snack

Workouts make you expend a lot of energy, so it’s always important to give your body some love by taking a glass or two of water to rehydrate. Treat yourself to a healthy snack, like a protein bar or a protein shake, to reenergize your body and help increase your muscle mass. 

Cool off with a nice shower

Your intense routine coupled with the humidity here in the Philippines leads to more grease and sweat, making your scalp more prone to dandruff. A cool shower after every workout is a must to wash away the buildup and keep your feeling fresh and clean. 

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