Intelligent Sound, Redefined: How the Huawei FreeBuds Pro Elevate Audio Experiences

Far from the curious novelties they were a few years ago, wireless earphones are now fairly ubiquitous as far as consumer tech goes, with pretty much every tech company pumping out their own take on tangle-free audio solutions. Huawei being the innovator from day one, takes its True Wireless Stereo (TWS) game a step further this year in crafting the Huawei FreeBuds Pro.

This latest addition to the FreeBuds line aims to redefine how people listen to their music, conversations, and other aural activities by engineering the Pro as ingeniously as possible. Check out how these stylish wireless earbuds enhance every audio experience:

Clever noise cancelling tech

Much like an award-winning movie sound designer, the FreeBuds Pro knows when to emphasize music over dialogue (and vice versa), or let the ambient noises be part of the soundtrack. The built-in Intelligent Dynamic ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) recognizes its sound environment, and switches to an appropriate mode in real-time. There’s no fuss from enjoying a personal jazz playlist in a cafe’ to walking out onto a bustling city street; just let the FreeBuds Pro work its magic.

Human voices matter

Waiting times at airports can be tedious, yet it’s tricky to chance on catching that boarding call or a holler from passing friends while absorbed in music or a movie. However, the FreeBuds Pro’s pinch-activated Awareness mode picks up human voices without breaking immersion from an intense film scene or a banging track on the phone - worry no more about boredom and missed flights.

Ride with the (silent) wind

Running or cycling outdoors with a good dose of hype music is a great way to flood the body with feel-good hormones - except the howling wind too often ruins the music part. The FreeBuds Pro remedies this problem with its Dual Anti-Wind Noise Design, rendering the breeze a refreshing yet silent element that complements that training montage soundtrack.

Sounds like victory

All gamers, be they MOBA warriors, battle royale sharpshooters or rhythm fanatics know the value of a good audio experience in every nail-biting session. A pair of Dynamic 11mm Drivers on the FreeBuds Pro helps enhance that gaming immersion, translating every beat and pulse of the action onscreen to a finely-tuned orchestra of excitement on the ears.

More time for connections

The FreeBuds Pro are designed for all-day use, from the fit of the silicone tips to the lightweight construction of its geometric body. This means even with lengthy chats with family and friends or a couple of podcast episodes later, the FreeBuds Pro stay comfortable in the ears.

Pre-orders for the Huawei FreeBuds Pro (SSRP Php 7,999) will be available on November 26 to December 3, 2020. All pre-orders between the specified period automatically qualify for a freebie bundle worth Php 3,989, which includes a Huawei Band 4 and an Entertainment Gift package.

To pre-order and know more about the product, you may refer to this link:

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