Daikin now Available at over 180 Appliance Retailers Nationwide

Daikin, the world’s leading air conditioning manufacturer, recently launched its Time to Split campaign, an initiative that seeks to change the traditional window type aircon culture in the Philippines. Part of that campaign is ensuring availability to as many Filipinos as possible by making Daikin’s energy efficient split type air conditioners available in over 180 major appliance retailers nationwide.

“More than a sales campaign, Time to Split is the main driver of our long-term strategy in the Philippines,” said Takayoshi Miki, President of Daikin Philippines. “As more and more Filipino consumers experience high electricity costs, Daikin hopes to shift the traditional Window-Type Aircon Culture to an Inverter Energy-savings split-type mentality.”

With many Filipinos staying at home to help contain the spread of COVID-19, electricity consumption per household has notably increased, leading to higher than normal electricity bills due to increased use of air conditioning. This has led to Energy Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi recently calling for the ‘conscious consumption’ of energy.

In line with the Department of Energy’s call for conscious consumption of energy, Daikin seeks to shift the Filipino mindset towards energy efficient split-types over traditional window-type air conditioners. Inverter air conditioners are well known for their precise control and outstanding energy efficiency, particularly compared to non-inverter models. According to Daikin, this is due to the inverter’s ability to vary capacity by adjusting operating frequency.

“At Daikin, we fully support the government’s call for the efficient use of energy,” said Miki. “Through our Time to Split campaign, we hope to advocate for the use of highly efficient split-type inverter aircons, not just to lower usage cost of our customers, but to also protect our environment from the harmful effects of using non-inverter window type aircons.”

The Time to Split campaign is being led by Daikin’s D-Smart line, the company’s latest batch of inverter split-types with lower SRPs compared to its counterparts in the market. According to Miki, the proprietary DC inverters in its new split-types can reduce electricity consumption, resulting up to 60 percent real energy savings. 

For a limited time, consumers can get discounts on installation fees until December 31, 2020. Visit Daikin’s dealer locator www.daikin.com.ph/dealer-locator  to find the nearest appliance retailer or authorized dealer in your area.

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