Tolak Angin Boosts the Filipino Family's Immunity and Digestive Health

Now more than ever, it is important for Filipinos to take care of their health. With the increasing pressures of everyday life, now made even more challenging by the current health crisis, they must try to find added support that can help them push through. 

Tolak Angin, a liquid herbal supplement that is designed to boost your immune system, has been around for 90 years in the market and is a trusted herbal supplement from Indonesia. The name itself is roughly translate to “expel the wind” – as the supplement is meant to be a remedy for people who experience “Masuk angin” (entry of the wind or “Lamig” in Filipino) and other ailments and conditions that are caused by weakened immune system, such as upset stomach, dry throat, chills, or any other early cold symptoms. 

This herbal supplement is made from 12 natural herbs, including ginger, mint, honey, oryza sativa, fennel, Indian screw tree, and clove leaves among others – all high-quality herbs and natural ingredients that are processed carefully and thoroughly using state-of-the-art equipment to maintain their benefits, under strict standards of sanitation and quality control. 

Consuming Tolak Angin is good for digestive health and alleviates symptoms associated with colds, such as upset stomach, flatulence, chills, nausea, fatigue and motion sickness. 

It can also provide additional strength and support for those facing physically tough and un-ideal situations which are becoming more and more common every day. It is perfect for those who have to work late or on irregular schedules, as well as people who are exposed to environmental elements, risks and hazards (including rain, bad weather and pollution among others). 


Tolak Angin has passed pre-clinical tests with Medical Faculty of Diponegoro University, and it has been scientifically proven to increase T-Cell count, an indicator of improved immune system. It has also gone through industry-standard toxicity tests with Faculty of Pharmacy Sanata Darma University to ensure it is safe to consume long-term every day. 

“Tolak Angin was first formulated in 1930 by Mrs. Rachmat Sulistyo and since then it has been trusted by many generations to maintain a healthy immune system,” says Irwan Hidayat – Director of Sido Muncul, the makers of Tolak Angin. 

Tolak Angin originally began as a family recipe, starting as a herbal concoction from its home industry in Yogyakarta. Years later, Rachmat Sulistyo moved to Semarang and started a small factory named Sido Muncul. The first product was Tolak Angin in powder form. 

Along with the development of technology in 1992, Tolak Angin was produced in liquid form which is more practical for consumption than its original form. The new formulation also tastes better, with its hint of honey and mint flavors. Now, Sido Muncul is the largest herbal company in Indonesia with over 300 products in the market – all of which use home-grown ingredients from their partner farms to ensure efficacy and quality. 

Sido Muncul maintains pharmaceutical (GMP) standards to make sure Tolak Angin is safe to drink and, most importantly, effective. 

Every batch of production goes through a series of tests to make sure Tolak Angin is free from aflatoxin, microbial contamination, heavy metal, fertilizers, and pesticides.  It also undergoes DNA tests to make sure it is Halal. 


Tolak Angin was introduced to the Philippines in 2018 with Kris Aquino and Manny Pacquiao as endorsers. 

“Tolak Angin fits with the Filipino people because of our humble beginnings. We are a small company that later expanded due to our passion and dedication. The core of Tolak Angin is to give our consumers good health because we know how important it is to the family. Without good health, we cannot help our family.   This is why Tolak Angin is important,” Hidayat said. 

He added, “Since the pandemic started, Filipinos have been more conscious about keeping themselves healthy. They are looking for products that can boost their overall health, and they ideally want these products to be all-natural. Tolak Angin provides these qualities that they look for in a herbal supplement.” 

The Filipinos are known for being resilient in the face of adversities – be they physical or environmental. But resiliency isn’t always enough; you will need support to continue providing for your family and yourself. 

Tolak Angin is also family-friendly, with several variants such as the Tolak Angin Anak liquid herbal supplements for kids and the Tolak Angin Care Essential Aromatherapy Oil roll-on with ginger and mint oil that would suit the needs of every member of the family. 

Tolak Angin products are available in drug stores nationwide. 

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