Cruella REVIEW - Another Villain Redemption Story?

Disney is really testing the public with experimenting on villain origins stories which could make us forget their evil roles in past films and love them because of their backstory. We already have Maleficent and got two movie from it, which probably converted many and erased her wicked role in the Sleeping Beauty animated film. Now we got another villain now getting her history with Cruella.

Indeed Cruella De Vil made a mark to be the most fashionable antagonist in the Disney universe, and we did not know her origins because we already had too much Dalmatians to focus on. But will this be another successful strategy to empathize with them?

I did like their casting for the film especially the two Emmas, Emma Stone and Emma Thompson. Both outstanding actresses with many acclaimed movies, playing Cruella and the Baroness, It felt like one of the best confrontational conversations in recent movie history. The tension is there and sometimes you want to root for both of them depending on your mood. Plus the highlight of the fashion battles/invasion is what we would like to experience in cinemas (if ever they would be open).

Indeed fashion does stand out with many forms and functions. And honestly the dress designs are interesting and revolutionary, though I feel that some technologies during that time period is too advanced which somehow ruins the feeling of the moments. And being the villain that Cruella is, there is less drama and more of projecting her powerful lady energy that radiates her antagonist side.

Though I confused with her connections to dogs which is the opposite of what we know about her. In this film, she seems to be ok with dogs even the Dalmatians she is seeks with the original story. And this ended with that question unanswered. So is it another redemption story? I say yes, but with a different angle, but I hope this is the last in recent years.

Overall, Cruella is my favorite film for this year so far. With scenes wonderfully executed with the colorful personalities of the characters and dogs. It earns that attention it is getting like a fashion show. Although it would be a little confusing how the story can connect to it's origin, The 101 Dalmatians. For now, the buzz show promise that the next film is possible. 

Cruella gets 4.0 out of 5.0 

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