FEU honors outstanding alumni with two new program initiatives

A one-time donation guarantees donors can leave their legacy on the FEU campus

Far Eastern University launched the FEU Centennial Benches and announced its call for nominations for the 2023 FEU Green and Gold Awards.  

The FEU Centennial Benches is a fund-generation campaign for the OneFEUfund, a collective effort of the alumni to ensure that bequests are successfully passed on to the next generation of tamaraws. Donors who give a one-time donation of P100,000 will have a campus bench named in their honor.

On the other hand, the 2023 FEU Green and Gold Awards which was established on November 7, 2017, recognizes 28 exemplary alumni who have proven themselves worthy of honor and emulation based on their achievements, integrity, and commitment to society and the university.

According to Dr. Nicanor Reyes, FEU’s founder and first president, “The Green symbolizes the youth, as the fair hope of the fatherland to whom the university is committed to giving the best education thus sprouting from their mind and heart, their potential to become productive upright citizens of the country and the world. Gold represents the gold standards of service to the creator, the nation, and the world that the Far Eastern always aspires to reach.”

There are three accolades that will be given: the Outstanding Alumni, Cultural, and the Sports Hall of Fame Awards.

The Outstanding Alumni Award is given to graduates who have made a mark in communication, media, and entertainment; medicine and the allied health sciences; public and government service; science, technology, and engineering; architecture; commerce and industry; education and research; or law and justice.

Meanwhile, the Cultural Award is reserved for individuals or groups of artists in the fields of fine, digital, and performing arts, and literature. These artists may have consistently produced outstanding works in their particular art form or have evolved a distinct style or technique that enriches its development. They may also be given to artists who are nationally recognized through competitions or acknowledged by critics circles or their peers.

Lastly, the Sports Hall of Fame Award is for those who have distinguished themselves in leagues such as the University Athletic Association of the Philippines. It may also be given to athletes who have represented the country in major international tournaments or national sporting teams.

The next batch of recipients, which are recognized every five years, will be announced in time for the university’s 95th anniversary.

Atty. Gianna Montinola, the Senior Vice President for Corporate Affairs giving her speech for the opening of Nominations of the Green and Gold Awards

“The award is also the fruit of our educational commitment for more than nine decades and a testament to the unwavering desire of the university to mold people who can make this world a better place,” says Atty. Gianna Montinola, the Senior Vice President for Corporate Affairs, during the launch.

In the past, the FEU Green and Gold Awards have recognized luminaries such as Atty. Leah Armamento, who was appointed as the chairperson of the Commission on Human Rights; Dr. Karen Remo, a recipient of the 2021 Presidential Awards for Filipino Individuals and Organizations Overseas; Jesson Ramil Cid, a gold medalist in the Southeast Asian Games in 2013 for decathlon; and Rey Valera, the music icon.

Nominations are now open and may be placed on thefeualumni.com/feu-green-and-gold-awards/. The nominee must be a graduate of any program (elementary, high school, undergraduate, post-graduate, and 2-year programs) of Far Eastern University.

For more information, visit FEU’s official Facebook page at facebook.com/FarEasternUniversity/, or the FEU Alumni Relations Office website and Facebook page at thefeualumni.com/ and facebook.com/FEUAlumni/.

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