Teejay Marquez Launches Goodskin Skincare Line

Teejay Marquez adds another feather to his cap as he launches his exclusive line of skincare products.

The actor, influencer, brand endorser and YouTuber is now a proud entrepreneur calling the shots for his GoodSkin brand.

With his matinee idol looks and flawless complexion, Teejay is his own best testimonial and  aspirational figure—not just for his fans—but for Filipinos from all walks of life in search of the “fountain of youth” and affordable, practical and fuss-free everyday skincare solutions.

According to the actor who currently headlines the top-rating GMA-7 Tsinoyserye Mano Po Legacy: Her Big Boss, GoodSkin was actually inspired by the clamor of his fans who keep asking him about his skincare secret.

For Teejay, his business venture was one of many constructive ideas he came up with during the long Covid-19 pandemic.

He recounts, “During the quarantine period, I started researching online for possible investors and business partners who shared my concept, and thankfully, we found one late last year. I think it’s also high time that I come up with something that I can call my own, and more importantly, something that can contribute to people’s wellness.”

He adds, “Honestly, I never really paid much attention to skincare, until I realized how important it is to a lot of people. So, the clamor of the fans, that’s what really spurred me to make the initiative. I guess you could say that it’s my way of giving back and paying it forward to my fans.”

In its barest essence, GoodSkin is a skin serum geared for all skin types, whether normal, oily, dry, light or dark—making it ideal for most Filipinos.

Comprised of natural and organic extracts, GoodSkin contains all-essential nutrients guaranteed to restore the skin’s youthful and natural glow.

Despite being his best walking testimony for his very own brand, Teejay discloses that he will also be tapping some foreign models as his endorsers.

He points out, “Of course, we want to prove GoodSkin’s adaptability for all skin types, for us to deliver our message that our youth serum is for everyone.”

The budding entrepreneur points out, however, that looking young is more than skin deep.

He emphasizes, “Good skin is more than just what you put on your face. It’s also about the kind of lifestyle you lead, the food you eat, how much rest and sleep you get, and how well you take care of your body. Real skincare should be a holistic approach.”

Teejay spearheaded GoodSkin’s soft launch online last April 8, but is also gearing up for a more intensive, full-scale promotional blitz in the coming weeks, in time for summer.

With its very affordable price points, GoodSkin is geared towards an all-inclusive target market.

GoodSkin is available online through GoodSkin Official’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, and will also soon be available in Lazada and Shopee.

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