Welcome the Holidays with GUESS ORIGINALS

The holidays are just around the corner and that would mean that it would be the perfect time to look great while attending parties and spending time with friends and family. And what better way to do that than with GUESS Originals apparel and accessories.

The holiday celebrations for this year are expected to be extra special as things are starting to return to normal. We should be seeing more Christmas parties and get-togethers with friends and family as we get closer to the 25th of December. Company-sponsored events will also be a big thing in the coming days and that would mean that people need to dress up when they go out.

And what better way to dress up and look fab with GUESS.

For starters, having GUESS bags in your wardrobe can make you ready for whatever theme the party organizers plan for guests to follow. Keeping more than one bag would also mean you can switch up your style from time to time because the last thing we would need is getting noticed for having one single look for all occasions. Instead we need to diversify our look and accessories.

Another holiday must-have for both men and women are watches. You need to ditch the fitness and sports watches if you plan on attending parties for the holidays. A GUESS watch shows off sophistication and elegance and that is you even if it's for just one night only. There is also a reason why these watches are referred to as “dress watches” because they pair tremendously well with dresses and suits!

You also need to make an incredible first impression and a good scent will definitely do a trick. This is where a bottle of premium GUESS perfume would come in handy. Apply a spritz or two and let the people smell you and know that you mean business. Getting one or two different fragrances from GUESS would also make things more diverse for your scent, keeping everybody guessing what fragrance you’ll be wearing the next time you meet. 

Lastly, for the ladies, investing in some great looking GUESS jewelry can also get attention for the evening. Your dress and bag looks great on you but if you want to really shine bright like a diamond during that special evening then an exquisite necklace can accentuate things and elevate things further for you.

And the best part of building your own accessories is that you can conveniently order them online through the official GUESS PH store at guess.com.ph!

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