Confirmed: Kalsada Heroes Are Coming To Comics

The top-trending and much talked about digital art series on social media dubbed as Kalsada Heroes is now being adapted to a full comics series to be released in 2023 by Pheroes Comics.

It all began when FEU multi-media arts student Eman Jacob creations went viral on social media last year called the Kalsada Heroes, a digital art series, which includes super hero characters based on our favorite Filipino street food.  The digital art Kalsada Heroes even made it to the news on national TV and was shared on social media by excited fans. 

What made Eman Jacob’s concept different is how he gave the streetfood vendor some superpowers. “I think it gives an important message to viewers that these ordinary vendors are actually our modern-day heroes. They’re people who work hard for their families,” Eman Jacob states, “I also thought I would give it a twist and make them superheroes since they are also real-life daily heroes; they feed us, they give comfort, and their sacrifices are very inspiring especially to their own families.”  Of course, there is also that touch of social relevance in all of this as Eman said in one interview, “People usually look down on their jobs but it is one of the most honorable work one could have.”

Eman Jacob is collaborating with award-winning fillmaker Real Florido in creating the thrilling stories of the Kalsada Heroes series.

Announced on the official page of Kalsada Heroes:


We are proud to announce that the trending characters created by Eman Jacob will now be adapted into a full comics series. Get to know the stories and superpowers of your favorite Kalsada Heroes, written by award-winning filmmaker, Real Florido.

Brace yourselves as new Pinoy Super Heroes will be born! Coming this 2023.

Published by Pheroes Comics.

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