Watch sci-fi inspired music video for Rico Blanco’s “Palibot libot”

Acclaimed singer-songwriter/producer Rico Blanco explores sci-fi themes in the music video of “Palibot libot,” his current single under Sony Music Entertainment.

Helmed by Cris Escolano and Rico Blanco himself, the visuals present a story of humanity in a world completely engulfed by hopelessness. The MV stars Rico Blanco, model Tuti Pon, and “The Entity,” a robotic figure created by Richard Somes.

According to Pon, she had fun playing the female lead and embracing the intricacies needed to pull off her character convincingly. “It was definitely a new experience for me and I’d do it again if I got a chance.” 

Production Designer Justine Arcega-Bumanlag expressed enthusiasm in working with the team and conveying the fantastically imaginative vision of the material. She shares, “For this, Rico Blanco was aiming for a classic-looking music video that stands the test of time. He wanted to veer away from CGIs, so we started building a set that looks like a wreckage from an unknown planet, and using it all throughout the time.”

The song, which reflects on the uncertainty that thrives between friendship and relationship, was inspired by one of the characters in a series that he filmed in La Union last year. With its storytelling “anchored precariously on someone’s steadfast devotion,” albeit a one-sided one, the song minces no words about the reality of love: It’s not always synchronized. It comes with complications, but that’s the beauty of it.

“Palibot libot” will be part of Rico Blanco’s fourth studio album to be released under Sony Music Entertainment. 

Watch the music video of “Palibot libot” here.

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