Disney+ Annonces New Korean Original Comedic Action Series "Han River Police"

Kwone Sangwoo and Kim Hiewon’s teamwork brings people to safety while bringing the audience laughter

When Han River Police Force’s hot tempered Dujin works with Chunseok who has the exact opposite personality, the two of them continuously bring humor and action in Han River Police, a new Korean Original Series coming exclusively to Disney+.

Following the finest member of the Han River Police with a temper, the series jumps into the story of how the Han River Police Force saves and maintains the waterside of the Han River daily where people come out to have a peaceful day. Dujin and Chunseok are always faced with emergency situations that include terrorism, accidents, and other incidents that need their immediate help, but do it in their own way, bringing out the humor.

Starring Kwone Sangwoo (The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful, The Accidental Detective) as Han Dujin, the hot-tempered sergeant of the Han River Police Force who holds back for nobody, and Kim Hiewon (Misaeng, Dazzling, The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful) as Lee Chunseok who has the exact opposite personality as Dujin and lieutenant, Han River Police brings comedy, action, and investigation from the force.

Slated to debut in the second half of this year, fans can also enjoy Call It Love about a girl driven to revenge but who falls in love with her potential victim; Soundtrack #1 about two friends who are secretly in love with each other; and Big Bet about a serial entrepreneur whose life is turned on its head when he is arrested for murder – all streaming on Disney+ now.

Enjoy Han River Police only on Disney+.

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