Top Documentaries And Series On Discovery Channel, TLC And Animal Planet This April

On Discovery channel this April, celebrate Earth Day through a series of documentaries and series throughout the week including, Great Global Clean Up, Endangered, Toucan Nation and more! In addition, audiences can catch reality series Serving The Hamptons on TLC and drama series My Cat From Hell China Season 2 on Animal Planet.

Earth Day on Discovery Channel

Great Global Clean Up, Saturday, April 22 at 7.10pm

Zac Efron and filmmaker Zach King join the people and organisations who have made it their mission to clean up the planet. With innovations in recycling and next-level waste management, these superstars are making a global impact with their local efforts.

Toucan Nation, Sunday, April 23 at 7.10pm

Grecia is a colourful toucan in Costa Rica whose story of abuse sparked national and international outrage after her beak was mutilated by humans. Veterinarians and animal rescuers join forces to use 3D printing technology to create a prosthetic beak, which will allow Grecia to feed herself. Controversy and high emotions swirl around her case which inspired a national animal welfare campaign.

Endangered, Monday, April 24 at 7.10pm

This film follows the effort of dedicated wildlife conservationists across the globe as they work to compile the latest version of The Red List — the most comprehensive record of the state of the world’s wildlife that has ever been created. Some trek through war torn jungles, others go undercover to bust the illegal wildlife trade, risking everything to save endangered wildlife from giraffes, gorillas to big cats and more. 

Climate For Change Season 2, Tuesday, April 25 / Wednesday, April 26 at 7.10pm

Episode 1: Waste Not follows as entrepreneurs explore innovative means to avoid waste. From turning plastic or food waste into fuel, food waste to new types of food and even growing meat in laboratories.

Episode 2: The Circular City demonstrates how a circular economy could reduce waste that ends up in landfills, waste such as food, clothing, electronics, and construction. This episode features ways cities can unlock lucrative opportunities and move the needle on climate change.

India 2050, Thursday, April 27 at 7.10pm

This story of the grim, imaginary future of India uses fact-based forecasting based on current environmental and climate trends to inspire awareness and change today.

Tigerland, Friday, April 28 at 7.10pm

A century ago, there were more than 100,000 tigers on the planet. Today, there are a significantly less. This project filmed in several locations, including India, take a look at the threats that tigers face from human encroachment on their natural habitat and features   conservationists and the local populations of India and Bhutan where the last tigers roam.

Catch Discovery’s Change Driver series, a series of short videos highlighting the inspiring work of field scientists, conservation activists and other brave individuals who dedicate their lives to protecting the planet. Watch from April 17, Monday via Discovery SEA Youtube. 

Drama on TLC

Serving The Hamptons

Premieres Friday, April 14, at 9pm

The Hamptons is where the richest of the rich spend their summers, and 75 Main is one of their favourite restaurants. But will the staff of enthusiastic, young restaurant workers stay in line long enough to make the summer a success? Constant drama in the staff house, broken rules and a shocking love triangle threaten to tear apart everything owner Zach Erdem and his fabulous manager have built.

Reality Series on Animal Planet

My Cat From Hell (China) Season 2

Premieres Thursday, April 6, at 9pm

Season 2 sees Singer Jam Hsiao and our very own Chinese Cat Behaviourist, Mieshelle Nagelschneider from Season 1 tackle more challenging and extreme cat behavioural problems.

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