Producer’s picks: Executive producer and star Sydney Sweeney picked Glen Powell and director Will Gluck to work with on “Anyone But You”

In the new edgy and sexy romantic-comedy Anyone But You, Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell play romantic enemies who have to put aside their personal vendettas and pretend to be a head-over-heels couple in order to keep the peace at Bea’s sister’s dream destination wedding. “This movie is a wild, fun time,” says Sweeney, who plays Bea. “It’s sexy, it’s funny, it’s R-rated, there’s beautiful places, an amazing cast. What more could you want?”

Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell look like the perfect couple in the new romcom Anyone But You, but after an amazing first date something happens that turns their fiery hot attraction ice cold - until they find themselves unexpectedly thrust together at a destination wedding in Australia.

Anyone But You began to take shape when Sweeney signed on not only to star, but executive produce the film. As the first filmmaker on the project, she convinced director Will Gluck (fan favorites Easy A and Friends With Benefits) to come on board to give Anyone But You his distinctive comedic voice. “He has directed such iconic romcoms that I grew up watching – Easy A, Friends with Benefits – and I was really, really excited to work on this project with him,” says Sweeney. “He is so quirky in his own way. I love it – Glen and I would call him ‘Dad.’ I don't know how he was able to handle the chaos that the cast was – we kind of became like a camp, running amok. It was so much fun.”

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And Gluck says that Sweeney not only was able to land him as director, but Powell as her romantic co-star. “Sydney picked Glen at the very beginning of the process,” says Gluck. “They were a very appealing couple to me. In a romantic comedy, the whole movie rests on that chemistry, so it was important that we all felt that.” 

(From left to right) Director Will Gluck, Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell attend the New York Premiere of Anyone But You at the AMC Lincoln Square on December 11.

“Fun fact: I met Glen on the stage of the MTV Awards – he gave me an award. And I remember walking up, I was like, ‘Who is this guy?’” laughs Sweeney. “And then when we were casting this movie, he was always at the top of my list. I couldn’t forget that little interaction. And he was a lot of fun to work with.”

Were you naughty or nice this year? Either way, Anyone But You stars Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney wish everyone happy holidays!

Anyone But You, also starring Alexandra Shipp, Darren Barnet, Hadley Robinson, Dermot Mulroney, Rachel Griffiths, Michelle Hurd, Bryan Brown and GaTa, arrives in Philippine cinemas January 17, 2024. #AnyoneButYou

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