Mallari Brings History and Horror For MMFF 2023

For this edition of the Metro Manila Film Festival, Mentorque Productions introduces a unique film that deals with horrific history with MALLARI. Based on the real-life story of the first documented serial-killer in the Philippines, Fr. Juan Severino Mallari, which also has been talked about on the internet due to its very complicated situation.

Piolo Pascual will play three characters in the film from different timelines but linked to the same Mallari giving the story more complexity and also people who also revolves around the gruesome murders. Writer Enrico Santos shared that the project started in 2018 and took years in research and production started in 2022. 

Also, joining the cast are Janella Salvador, JC Santos, Gloria Diaz, Ron Angeles, Tommy Alejandrino, and more. Director Derick Cabrido shares that they shot the film in various historic locations in the Philippines, including a village built for the project to recreate an authentic setting.

Recently it also got the attention of Warner Bros. Pictures which will be the official distributor of the film and could potentially bring it to the international market. To hype up the film, they also had their grand MediaCon and Fancon at the SM Mall of Asia attended by the cast and production team.

It has also been a great year for Piolo Pascual in doing historical roles as well as a hit streaming series. Despite the very busy schedule, the role of Mallari seems to be the biggest project as he plays three characters and also a film that will participate for the MMFF 2023 which from many submissions only 10 made it to the cut.

With also an interesting line up for this year, Mallari does stands out for many reasons: Historical storytelling based on research and evidence, an entertaining plot that event has three timelines, and talented cast whose personalities are suited for their roles and can deliver an amazing performance. Plus, with the growing interest again for history by the public, it also serves as a social commentary to the present and how it can affect us today. 

Mallari will be showing in PH cinemas December 25.  For more information and updates, visit its Facebook page on and IG on @mentorqueproductions

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