Sunshine Cruz Shows Ageless Beauty as the Face of Thiocell Glutathione Lozenge

It's Amazing to see that even many years has passed, Sunshine Cruz still looks young and radiant as ever which she attributes to healthy living, avoiding negativity and having healthy food and supplements that keeps her beautiful and healthy always. 

Recently, she is launched as the new endorser of Thiocell Glutathione Lozenge by Brady Pharma Inc. At 46, she is active in acting with an upcoming movie, "My Stepmother's Lover" showing soon this year and working with young actors like Kiko Estrada, Martin del Rosario. She is also a hands-on mom of three daughters who are also coming of age and remains very close with them.

Sunshine proves that she is the perfect endorser of Thiocell Glutathione Lozenge as the supplement has many beneficial effects to health and beauty. As Glutathione has been around the market for many years now, Thiocell Glutathione comes in lozenge form which is easy to consume and absorb.

We know initially that Glutathione has a whitening effect, but it can also have other effects like anti-ageing, antioxidant, and many more. Thus, improving the immune system and overall health which also shows more with whiter, smoother, and younger-looking skin that glows.

With its lozenge form, they say it can be absorbed more by the body as quicky, safely and effectively as reported in the International Journal of Dermatology. Oral dosage of Glutathione such as pills, tablets, capsules and sprays, fail to provide better and faster resalts as it passes three barriers resulting to a very little absorption. In this process much of the glutathione is destroyed and wasted.

Scientific studies have shown that the combination of Glutathione, Selenium and Vitamins CDE and Grapeswed extract increases the levels of glutathione in the body which effectively results in whitening, wati-aging and healthy immune system.

Now with this as part of Sunshine Cruz's lifestyle, gives protection from diseases and also improves her look with healthy skin that makes her sought-after actress and talent for many years to come. Sunshine is very thankful for the trust in her by Brady Pharma for choosing her as their endorser.

Thiocell also comes just in time with the extreme weather that we are experiencing as it affects the skin and also triggers other sickness. It's easy to take anywhere, providing more glutathione to the body which helps more with optimizing the effects of the supplement. 

For more information, you can also check out their facebook page at and their website Available in drugstores, pharmacies, and online shopping platforms.

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