Vivamax Star Ayah Alfonso Bares Business Alongside Her Booming Career

For Vivamax star Ayah Alfonso, she is ready to take on the challenges of acting especially for her spicy roles in Vivamax films. Now making a name for herself as she has starred in two films like "Eks" (co-staring Yen Durano, Felix Roco, and Nathan Cajucom), and "Himas" (with Sahara Bernales and Felix Roco). She will be part of another film project, "Sisid Marino" directed by Joel Lamangan.

From her humble beginnings as a model doing wholesome roles, Ayah is now proving herself as an actress and that she can also be on par with other Vivamax artists who also has a growing catalogue of films and fans. She shares that she is flexible in doing roles, now being braver and bolder with roles given to her in Eks and Himas. She shares that she is ready to go beyond the limitations in doing sexy roles as she has fully committed herself with these after contemplating for quite some time before making her decision.

Along with her acting career, she has also invested in the business of having her own resto-cafe called Monster Crave restaurant and Haya Bar located in Caloocan City. She chose the location because it is close the masses yet provide a wide variety of food and beverages on their menu. Some of the menu items include Sizzling Sisig, Unli Wings, Pasta, Pizza, Burger and their specialty Kare-Kare.

Being a Kapampangan, she loves to cook which inspired her to venture into this business. Despite also busy with her acting projects, she makes sure to be updated with the operations and more. The bar is also a great place to set up parties, karaoke sessions, and other celebrations that can be paired with great food and drinks.


Though this is not her first business venture, she has learned many things that she now applies to the business. She acknowledges that her sexy career doesn't last forever that is why she is preparing for the future and business is the way to go.

For now, Ayah also shares that she doesn't have a love life due to the nature of her roles which makes it complicated. She also remains very professional as she is working with renowned and strict directors such as Direk Joel Lamangan. 

Like other Vivamax artists, they are usually labeled negatively due to the nature of their work. yet Ayah is not bothered about bashers and haters, as she focuses more on her career and business. Also, as one of the rising stars of Vivamax, her enthusiasm to work with any project shows that she indeed wanted to make a name for herself in showbiz while also securing her future with her own business.

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