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REEL DEAL: Playing Master And Servant In “BLACK BUTLER”

Hiro Mizushima stars in the titular role of “Black Butler” produced by Shinzo Matsuhashi about an orphaned aristocrat exacting revenge who hires the services of a black butler at her aid costing her soul.

Ayame Gőriki plays the aristocrat young lady named Shiori Genpo who masquerades as a male in order to get even to those responsible for her family’s death.  She eventually summons a black butler named Sebastian Michaelis, on the condition that her soul is already for the taking after the revenge has been fulfilled.  Sebastian Michaelis, a demonic butler with impeccable knowledge, manners, grace, cooking skills, martial arts and charming looks.

REEL DEAL: Yana Tesobo's Bestselling Manga Series “BLACK BUTLER” Adapted To Screen

The original comic series “Black Butler” that female Japanese artist Yana Toboso illustrated and wrote had been serialized in the monthly G-Fantasy, published by Square Enix.  The manga series had been adapted to a movie with the same title, “Black Butler,” directed by Kentaro Otani (“Nana” series) and Keiichi Sato (“Asura”) with a screenplay by Tsutomo  Kuroiwa, stars Mizushima in the titular role of the Black Butler who goes by the name Sebastian.

While the original manga is set in 19th century England, this new film is set more than 130 years later in 2020, in an Asian city where Western and Asian cultures freely intermingle. At the time when the movie is set, only males can take the reins of the Phantomhive family, a young woman named Shiori dons male clothes and took on the name Kiyoharu to lead the massive Phantom Corporation. 

REEL DEAL: Hiro Mizushim En Vouge And IN Time For Action in “BLACK BUTLER”

Following a string of adaptation to theatre, magazines and  video games, the widely  read manga series “Black Butler” written and illustrated by Yana Toboso has also been adapted to a movie starring Hiro Mizushima and Ayame Gouriki.   

The movie “Black Butler” revolves around a “flawless demon butler” character named Sebastian Michealis who personifies grace, knowledge, and physical perfection as he investigates dark and mysterious incidents.  Eventually, he was summoned by an orphaned aristocrat to exact revenge at the price of her soul. 

REEL DEAL: “BLACK BUTLER” Opens Exclusive In SM Cinemas - July 23

Serving cinemas soon, “Black Butler” is based on the Manga series known as “Kuroshitsuji" by Yana Toboso that was first published September 2006 by Monthly GFantasy.  Starring Hiro Mizushima in the titular role, Black Butler Sebastian with Ayame Gouriki as Shiori  along with Mizuki Yamamoto, Yuka, Yuu Shirota and Takuro Ohno, the movie is set in the year 2020, Shiori Genpo (Ayame Gouriki) runs the large corporation Funtom while  Shiori is also a descendant of the prestigious noble family Phantomhive of England. As a descendant of the noble family Phantomhive, Shiori solves difficult cases which are ordered by the queen.

In order to take revenge, Shiori makes a deal with Butler Sebastian (Mizushima). Their deal involves Butler Sebastian protecting Ciel until her revenge is fulfilled and then Sebastian will consume Shiori's spirit.

“Black Butler” opens exclusively in SM Cinemas nationwide on July 23 from Axinite Digicinema.  Trailer link here: c