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International Rapper and Singer Nicki Minaj recognizes Darren‏

MCA Music’s very own Darren Espanto the runner up for the 1st season of The Voice Kids performed for Wish 107.5’s radio show called the Roadshow. The 14-year old showed his vocal prowess with his rendition of Sia’s hit, “Chandelier”. Darren Espanto was able to hit and belt every note with ease thus impressing the DJ of the show; little did the young singer know that somewhere and somehow a very popular international artist was also wowed by his vocal chops. Nicki Minaj an international singer and rapper shared the young singer’s video on her facebook page. 

“So effortless. Incredible voice!” said Nicki, sharing her thoughts about the video. Not only had the international artist got to share her thoughts about the video but also the fans of both artists also shared their delight over the video, and how impressed they are with the young singer’s amazing voice. One person even said that Darren’s version is better than the original, while Darren’s fans thanked the international artists for sharing a video of their idol.  Nicki’s shared video garnered 5,000 plus likes, and still counting!

ZsaZsa Padilla Starts Again With "Beginnings"

The country’s celebrated singer and iconic diva, Zsa Zsa Padilla returns in the recording studio with BEGINNINGS, her new release in three years and home to several standout tracks in the 10-song easy-listening collection released by Polyeast Records. 

Dubbed as Divine Diva for her impeccable talent, Zsa Zsa’s music has evolved since her debut as a PolyEast Records artist.  The new album is lauded with refreshing ‘70s and ‘80s covers and expresses an inspirational warmth, honest talent and humble grace of a woman who’s paying tribute to a love the second time around. 

It is easy to see why she is thrilled about this album as Zsa Zsa said on her liner notes, “The last studio album I did was a personal to me. Although it was filled with original OPM songs, I had just lost a great love so when I listen to it now; I find it a bit sad and yes, at times angry. I was still grieving and never I though it possible to love again.”