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Get banked with Maya and unlock a Year of Jet-Setting Adventures

Here’s your Cheat Sheet to Winning UNLI Flights this 2024 with Maya!

Enjoy unparalleled travel experiences all year round with Maya, the #1 Digital Bank in the Philippines. Elevate your financial game and stand a chance to win unlimited flights powered by Cebu Pacific throughout 2024 by embracing the thrill of seamless transactions and bold financial pursuits. Happy You Year indeed – here's your guide to winning a year full of jet-setting journeys:

1. Refer a friend to Maya and share the joy

Referring a friend to Maya isn't just rewarding; it's your ticket to UNLI flights. Earn 10 raffle entries for each successful referral while supporting your family and friends in reaching their financial goals by encouraging them to get banked with Maya. Break free from gatekeeping, spread the joy, and let your friends soar with you. 

Reasons You Should Shop at Noel Bazaar with Maya

Get ready for a shopping experience like never before as Maya, the #1 Digital Banking App in the Philippines, brings a wonderland of savings and delights at Noel Bazaar. Here are some irresistible reasons why this season's shopping experience is a must with Maya:

Abundance of Gifts for All

Noel Bazaar transcends a mere shopping haven for you and your loved ones; it unfolds as a treasure trove of delightful surprises for your pets too! From chic fashion finds, unique gift items, to pet-friendly goodies, Maya turns your shopping spree into a journey of self-discovery and thoughtful gifting for everyone you cherish.

#TooGoodToBeNo2: PayMaya offers surprisingly better e-wallet features

Digital transactions are here to stay and fintechs like PayMaya are making it easier to go cashless. The country's leading digital financial services platform is the only fintech in the Philippines that runs a consumer e-wallet app, an enterprise payment processing business, and a remittance agent network with Smart Padala. 

While its consumer app may not be the no. 1 e-wallet right now, its superior features make it #TooGoodToBeNo.2. If you haven’t tried out using the PayMaya app yet, you're definitely missing out on some of its surprisingly better features that could make your everyday transactions a whole lot easier.  

From its free cash in channels to 99.9% uptime, you'll be surprised at how these nifty features can bring ease, convenience, and even savings whenever you go cashless.