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IS there room for another boyband? 900,000 Twitter followers certainly think so.

Like some of their pop counterparts, Union-J were brought together by the X-Factor. Jaymi Hensley, Josh Cuthbert, and JJ Hamblett were Triple J before the show made the brilliant decision to add George Shelley, giving us Union J. They proved to the UK whilst being on the show they have the aesthetics and attributes of a boy band – but now it’s time for them to start being one.

Since reaching X-Factor's semi-finals, it has been non-stop for the boys. Two months away from releasing their debut single, the hype for them is evident as they’ve just signed a major book deal with Penguin. But little more than a year ago, their lives were all very different.

Jamie ‘JJ’ Hamblett's lifelong ambition was always to be a jockey before his path took a different turn. He used to spend his days grooming and riding horses near his home in Newmarket before his big break. "It was a very different life,” admitted JJ. "I got up about 6.30am, went straight to the horses and out riding on the heath. I’ve always been brought up around horses and never knew anything else until now.