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Jhassy Busran teen star wins international acting awards

15-year-old pretty young miss, singer-actress Jhassy Busran makes the country proud by winning two international acting awards – the Jury Award Best of the Best Performance Short Film (Male or Female) at the 2021 International Film Festival Manhattan-New York and a best child actress award e at the Gully International Film Festival in India for her performance as young chil;d forced into hard labor in the film “Pugon” by Gabby Ramos.

A true artistic feat for a newcomer indeed since she does not belong to the roster of talents of a major television network or a star-maker talent management agency.

Jhassy’s name obviously comes from the fragrant flower that is jasmine, usually white or yellow, and thrives in the temperate regions of Eurasia and Oceania.

Born under the astrological sign of Virgo, this fifteen-year old 9th grader from the  Mission Christian School, declares the e King’s Language, English as her favorite school subject. On the side, she is a varsity player of their table tennis team.