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Great shopping finds revealed in revitalized Tutuban Center

Tutuban Center, the bargain hunter’s paradise, has unveiled new and exciting features to pump up your shopping experience. The center recently underwent a number of renovation work and building improvements. With the holiday season coming, shoppers will make a beeline for the great deals in Tutuban Center’s Main Station and Prime Block.

Tutuban Center Main Station, with the Bonifacio Shrine across its entrance, is a heritage building where the original train station built in the 1800s first stood. As a heritage building, steps were taken to preserve its history including repainting based on the heritage color palette, and improving lighting for its facade details. The building has also retained features like brick walls and century-old wrought iron pillars that lead all the way to the food court.

Tutuban Center Celebrates Bonifacio Day With Lights and Endless Shopping

This year is Andres Bonifacio's 150th Birthdate as one of the most celebrated Filipino hero. And who would have known that Andres was born in now one of the busiest shopping places on earth, Divisoria.

Now known to be the center of affordable goods and a very wide selection, Tutuban Center has evovled from being originally a train station terminal now a wide complex which just recently opened their night market.

And Bonifacio Day is special at Tutuban as it also mark the start of lighting the giant Christmas Tree located in Bonifacio Plaza.