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Tutuban Center Celebrates Bonifacio Day With Lights and Endless Shopping

This year is Andres Bonifacio's 150th Birthdate as one of the most celebrated Filipino hero. And who would have known that Andres was born in now one of the busiest shopping places on earth, Divisoria.

Now known to be the center of affordable goods and a very wide selection, Tutuban Center has evovled from being originally a train station terminal now a wide complex which just recently opened their night market.

And Bonifacio Day is special at Tutuban as it also mark the start of lighting the giant Christmas Tree located in Bonifacio Plaza.

Blah Blah Blogs: BONIFACIO what?!

Bonifacio Day ...
so... what are we celebrating?
no work or classes (yesterday due to the move on the date)?
Double pay (for call centers)?
Wreath laying ceremonies (for government offiials)?
It is actually his birthday today.

We might not even know what is so important about this date... yes you ma know that it is Bonifacio day
thats it. We have the impression that Andres Bonifacio is a bolo-wielding Katipunero with red pants and a camiso de chino. But he was not always what we know as "a tapang a tao, walang takot" (brave & fearless). He was actually a man of character and education, although ulike Rizal, he did read a lot of books even of Rizal which he mentioned that gave him the inspiration to fight. Bonifacio was not able to see the Philippines in full independence unlike Emilio Aguinaldo who died decades after the independence from America. He was betrayed and killed on a mountain in Cavite. More than a century now, there is still a debate if he was the first president of the Republic and also who is worthy to be proclaimed as the national hero. 
Almost everywhere in the Philippines, there is a place that has the 'Rizal' name, but 'Bonifacio' also comes in second. It is a good alternative than having everything in the name of Jose. But what happened now that these words associated with Andres Bonifacio has been known for oher things and most of the unheroic, here are some samples...

  • Katipunan - street where Ateneo is located
  • Bonifacio - the global city and high street.
  • Cedula - is a need especially for work
  • Balintawak - the usual market for double dead meat (bocha)

Bonifacio's life is more than bravery of the bolo against guns but also the will that caused the Katipunan storm that led to the country's independence. We need to have someone like him to make another wave against the current problems that keeps our country captive.  We do not detrone Rizal as the national hero but must see his traits that we can learn a lot.

Think like Rizal, Act like Bonifacio.
Patuloy ang Katipunan, handa ka bang sumama?

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