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Thea Astley’s New Song “Never” Helps You Get Over Your Ex

“Pero hindi na ngayon. Minahal kita pero tapos na yun.”

Thea Astley has a brand new song out under Universal Records Philippines!

The powerful debut single is called “Never” and it’s a powerful R&B track that expresses one’s decision to never return to an ex-lover anymore. According to Thea, she was able to write this song during the height of the pandemic. (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO HERE)

Despite the pleas and promises that she gets from that ex, the versatile singer and host stands firm, realizing the importance of self-worth. The lyrics capture the universal truth that true love opens one's eyes, as expressed in "Naniniwala na ako sa sinasabi nila. Pag nagmamahal ng tunay, nabubulag ka."

"Never" is more than a song; it's a declaration of self-love and empowerment, resonating with those who have triumphed over heartbreak. To hype up the release, Thea dropped an artsy “Stages of a Breakup” post on Instagram. Likewise, an official music video for “Never” is coming our way soon!

Gehlee Dangca Emerges Victorious in 'Universe Ticket,' Secures Spot in New Global K-Pop Group UNIS

In a groundbreaking finale that has sent shockwaves through the K-pop community, Gehlee Dangca has triumphantly secured the fourth debut spot in the highly anticipated girl group UNIS, formed under the acclaimed South Korean survival show "Universe Ticket." It was revealed that the 16-year-old Filipino hopeful stood out and got 2.4 million votes on the show, a sheer proof of her popularity and support from fans.

Joining her on this remarkable journey is fellow Filipino talent Elisia Parmisano, who has also clinched a spot as a bonafide member of the new eight-member global K-Pop group UNIS under F&F Entertainment. Likewise, the 22-year old half-Filipina Jin Hyeonju was also triumphant in becoming part of the stellar lineup. Hyeonju is also a member of the K-pop girl group Cignature under the stage name Belle.

The show, which premiered on November 18, 2023, has captivated audiences worldwide, offering a platform for 82 aspiring idols to compete for a chance at stardom.

Universal Records Philippines Forges Partnership with SHOW Korea To Further Strengthen The P-Pop Scene

Amid massive demand, popularity, and influence of Pinoy Pop or P-Pop right now in the landscape of the Philippine music scene, the home of the finest Original Pilipino Music (OPM), Universal Records Philippines along with SHOW Co., Ltd. have agreed to form a strategic partnership to further strengthen its hype and exposure here in the country.

It also aims to normalize giving the best possible talent and entertainment in today’s mainstream local and even international scenes, followers and supporters of P-Pop while contributing in promoting the one-of-kind Filipino culture and artistry as well.

Present at the contract signing ceremony were Universal Records Operations Manager Peter Chan, Managing Director Kathleen Dy-Go, along with ShowBT Korea, SHOW Korea, and SBTown Philippines CEO & President Geong Seong-Han, also known as Tatang Robin, with Ethan Yang, and Adie Hong.

Shanti Dope and Flow G's New Single "Kamusta" Talks About Mental Health

Shanti Dope and Flow G collborated for the new single “Kamusta" which talks about mental health particularly depression. Carrying a catchy tune and smooth rap lyrics from the two who are big names in the  Pinoy hip hop scene, they made this song that would also advocate the public to seek mental health help as listeners can relate to the song.

The MV just hit 1M views in less than 48 hours after its release and is currently trending at Number 2 For Music on Youtube”

For the first-time ever, Shanti Dope and Flow G are delighted to unveil their collaboration this 2022 and it’s a very eye-opening song “Kamusta.”

"Kumusta?" or "How are you?" is always a welcome question amongst friends. It's an ice breaker for what would be the start of the conversation or a soothing acknowledgement to someone going through tough times.