Shanti Dope and Flow G's New Single "Kamusta" Talks About Mental Health

Shanti Dope and Flow G collborated for the new single “Kamusta" which talks about mental health particularly depression. Carrying a catchy tune and smooth rap lyrics from the two who are big names in the  Pinoy hip hop scene, they made this song that would also advocate the public to seek mental health help as listeners can relate to the song.

The MV just hit 1M views in less than 48 hours after its release and is currently trending at Number 2 For Music on Youtube”

For the first-time ever, Shanti Dope and Flow G are delighted to unveil their collaboration this 2022 and it’s a very eye-opening song “Kamusta.”

"Kumusta?" or "How are you?" is always a welcome question amongst friends. It's an ice breaker for what would be the start of the conversation or a soothing acknowledgement to someone going through tough times.

Written in collaboration with Flow G, Shanti Dope’s latest release with the title "Kamusta" touches on a very delicate topic — depression.

Depression is a serious matter and we've lost many young and very talented lives because of this mental health issue.

It comes as a surprise that with Shanti Dope and Flow G's persona as hip-hop artists such a topic can be an inspiration for a song; which only goes to show how well-rounded individuals they are and not just an echo for grunt and angst. In terms of the lyrics, the two rappers were able to bring up the important discussion regarding mental wellness and helped in the stigma of suffering from depression being removed, in their own special way.

If someone with depression does not find God for solace, a family member or a friend can help with the continued reassurance that help is always available. All it takes is to say, "Kamusta?" "Meron bang nakakubli sa likod ng 'yong ngiti at kutitap ng iyong mga mata? Mabigat ba sa dibdib 'pag laging pinipigilang sabihin ang iyong nadarama? Di mo gustong malaman ng mundo ang kahinaan mo Kung wala kang malapitan, Pwede mo akong sabihan."

A Red Carpet Music Video Premiere for “Kamusta” happened last May 26, 2022 at SM Megamall Cinema 2 at 1pm while it was released globally on Universal Records Philippines’ YouTube channel last May 27. The music video was directed by Jeremy Lim of Blck Mrkt, depicting a very clear narrative of someone’s mental health that went on a tragic downward spiral. (WATCH MUSIC VIDEO HERE)

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