Guys It's 2022 Na! Let TaxWhizPH Help You With Taxes

Many would dread the word taxes as it quite inconvenient to compute, even discuss the basics and the laws that are related to it. But as the fuel for the better government services and function, they also help the country economically to continue with progress especially we are still recovering from the effects of the pandemic.

Tax expert Mon Abrea,  a former BIR examiner and a staunch advocate of genuine tax reform in the Philippines, comes forward to help the public with these functions with TaxWhizPH, the newly updated mobile app launched by the Asian Consulting Group (ACG) together with its IWAS BUWIS-it 2022 edition book as a do-it-yourself guide on what to do and what to avoid when you compute your taxes. 

Just recently launched this June, the launch was hosted by Ms. Salve Duplito, TV Anchor, Managing Editor & Head Writer at ABS-CBN News Channel and DZMM Teleradyo. Present also during the event were ACG’s Board of Directors, government partners, private organizations, and celebrity ambassadors Nadine Lustre, and Bea Binene. All proceeds of the book sales will help fund the advocacy programs of Center for Strategic Reforms of the Philippines in personal finance, doing business, and youth empowerment.

The first IWAS BUWIS-it book was launched in 2019 with guidelines on the basis of taxation, how taxes came about and what type of taxes apply to what activity or concern --- information that could affect your decision-making such as careers, lifestyle, and even advice for those who want to put up a business.  

The development of the app took ten years as they update it with functions and interfaces that will fit the needs in terms of tax computations, calendars and more. The books also took years in development with updates made to fit the changing tax reforms and processes. 

Mon Abrea's experience and expertise come from working with various sectors, also tapped as a resource person for these topics especially on live interviews. His reputation gained the trust of any personalities in businesses and even celebrities.  

Though tax literacy maybe a struggle to the general public, these platforms are already helpful to Filipinos to further expand their knowledge and be more motivated to pay taxes despite challenges and lack of role models. Yet it still a huge help for the government and economic growth  when more people now understand and process their taxes better.

The new IWAS BUWIS-it 2022 edition book together with the TaxWhizPH Mobile App 2.0, goes beyond the nitty-gritty of your tax concerns and helps you get a grip on what to do when it comes to tax payment time. The mobile app as well as the book was designed to help make taxpayers feel more at ease. The TaxWhizPH App is currently running on beta and it is downloadable via QR code for Android users. This version currently includes tax computation and filing for mixed income  taxpayers and freelancers that fall under the 8% tax  classification rate. Full features of the TaxWhizPH 2.0 will be released by the end of September 2022 with an IOS version.

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