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New Documentary Shows Margie Didal’s Lasting Legacy in the Skateboarding Community

“Woman In Action: Beyond the Board” Details Margie Didal’s Origin Story, Rising Above Challenges and Inspiring Generations

On June 21, Gretchen Ho’s Woman in Action releases “Beyond the Board” documentary which chronicled the journey of young Filipina skateboarding sensation, Margielyn “Margie” Didal. The screening, held last June 21 at the Powerplant Mall Cinema, gathered esteemed guests to witness the story of resilience and determination that defines Didal’s career.

“Woman In Action”, a travel-documentary program hosted by Gretchen Ho, took the viewers from the bustling streets of Cebu, where Didal first discovered her passion for skateboarding. Didal’s journey is one of trials and triumphs, marked by her indomitable spirit and unwavering dedication to her sport.

Gretchen Ho Brings Travel, Adventure, and Public Service With ‘Woman In Action’

Most of us know Gretchen Ho as a star athlete which paved the way to many opportunities to try out new careers along with sports. And with this background, makes her a very active woman in her prime that can do a lot of things beyond her sport.

She did ventured into broadcasting for quite some time, which also honed her talent. Now she has a new show that will be a mix of travel, adventure and public service calld WOMAN IN ACTION to be aired on One News channel.