Blah Blah Blogs! Play at Monday, Pray at Tuesday

Play at Monday, Pray at Tuesday
a holy monday and holy tuesday special

Please don't get me wrong with this one. I know I have to share something about these two days. I have not gone somewhere on Monday, but we went to mount Samat on Tuesday. To tell you the truth, I have not felt special on these days but I still have something that I could share for reflection. And since I still use this days for my holy vacation. Holy Monday was a time to reflect before I do many things again. I was still troubled with a lot of things that is currently happening in my life. Also I would like to mention that I feel that I must enter a lot of contest. Am I just too anxious? or too pressured to do things that I really dont need to do. God gave me this time to just take time for myself and reflect, but what do I do, worry more. I should have read scriptures to help me reflect.
Actually, on the early morning of Monday, while still online and ding several things, I managed to listen to taize song and podcast. Taize was my favorite style of doing prayer. Actually, I dont consider it as a style but a habit, however I was lost when things get too busy for me. I realized that even with all these problems troubling me, I realized that I am so very blessed. With material, physical and spiritual things. So why do feel unhappy. I think, my mission still needs to be given more time . At the end of the day, I played with the PSP just to make me drowsy. Now looking at another day, as a new ground for another reflection.
Tuesday started early for me since we need to arrive early to mount Samat for the Araw ng Kagitingan celebration. It was my first time there, but I got a feeling of de ja vu when we arrived. I havent appreciated veterans much even if both of my grandfathers are both veterans of the world war II. However, to be in a mountain with a titanic cross reminds me of the sacrifice of jesus at jerusalem. Indeed I felt I was on holy ground. Also even with a program by politicians, and diplomats, I never felt bored. I even find the message of Kristy Kenny, ambassador for the US, inspiring. She said that It was good that the celebration falls on a holy week, because we would remember the sacrifices that they made for us to reach what we are today. That Sacrifice is a sign of love and it will surely bring forth a positive outcome. And after the event, not only did I took some pictures, but also the sence of appreciation on what sacrifice is, with the realization of the things that the veterans did back then, so now I can proudly say that I am came from the lineage of heroes.

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